Chinese Mauritian Roots

I recently received a YouTube video from one of my uncles on the topic of the migration of Hakka (客家) Chinese from Mexian, China to Mauritius.

My maternal heritage is from Mauritius and I have made previous postings in this regard. You can simply do a quick search in this blog on the term, Mauritius, and you’ll see other related postings.

For keep sake, I’ve gathered the videos here for easy reference to share this knowledge with other relatives. It is also pretty amazing what you will find when searching for “Chinese in Mauritius” on YouTube.

Below are four videos which I personally found interesting. The first three videos are from Jeanette Lan’s YouTube Channel, kudos to her for sharing these videos. They are listed in chronological order of production.

Commemoration of the 178th anniversary of the Arrival of Indentured Immigrants to Mauritius (November 2nd, 2012)

A Journey to Our Roots

The Cradle of Hakka Culture

Hakka History, Cooking, and Rhymes with the Toronto Hakka Heritage Alliance

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