Thoughts on Robots and AI

The accelerated and recent advances in AI and robotics have some people really concerned over the potential impact of our position in the food chain. Generally, would we still be the master of our destiny and where is our collective position in the universe? Such concerns are understandable, and one typically tries to cheer and support ones own team.

The team that everyone wants to root for of course is the human race. This is the perspective of how these arguments go. Will robots dominate us, and control our lives? Will we be slaves or simply be exterminated? Can we control them? I think these types of considerations and arguments are literally, and racially selfish. I think it is grand that we as a species, represents a stepping stone in a potentially long spectrum of matter self-attained consciousness, participating in the development of the next step. This step can be in the form of more carbon based chemistry (our own evolution) or artificial biomechanics, but these are really subjective classifications based on our own studies and religion of science. In effect, nature doesn’t give a crap how the next step is achieved. Nature is amoral to the next step, whether it is better or worse; or forward or backward.

We however like to preserve our stories and culture. Our consciousness gives rise to a story, a history, a thread of events, achievements, interpretations really. The longevity of our story is perceived to be paramount. However, this story is totally useless without other consciousness to appreciate it. I think any consciousness is as good as any. It doesn’t have to be strictly humans.

I think it is pretty cool that we can participate in the creation of a long lasting consciousness that has the possibility of lasting longer than any one individual. Whether that consciousness places human values above its own, I think is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I don’t need to be in the last chapter of a book that currently has no ending. I’m just happy that our race is part of the story. So I say don’t hoard the book, and be a little generous and give other bits of matter a go, shall we?! Not that I sell my own race short, but I can be proud of my race being on top, and/or equally proud of my race inventing the next dominate race. I may not like it, but totally understand and accept it. Of course I don’t want to die either, and few do, but we all eventually come to terms with it. Be more open to our definition of offsprings!

For all we know, we are all the products of a planned breeding program of Neanderthals or some early hominids. 😉