Hello Koodo

Our family was on the Rogers Share Everything Plan. We paid $85 for the primary line and $35 for four additional lines. This is a total of $225 for 6GB of shared data per month.

As our boys use their phones more and more both during the weekend and at school, the 6GB data cap is being surpassed more and more frequently. I wanted to shop for a plan that has more data, preferably staying with Rogers. Rogers has a promotion for 14GB (6GB original) plan for $105, but each supplemental line costs $45 each resulting in a total of $285.

This is an effective increase of $60 per month. Surely with modern advances in data throughput and capacity other carriers can do better. I decided to shop elsewhere.

I first looked at Chatr and Public Mobile. Both give you nice bargain data rates but are limited to 3G speed, something I did not want to entertain.

From Public Mobile’s web site I discovered the possibility of Koodo and found that their $50 per month plan was perfect for us. This will increase our data capacity to 4GB per line. This is 20GB in total although not shareable, which I think we can live with. Another pleasant surprise is that when we activated our new plan in the store, we got a $10 per month discount for each line for the first 12 months! So instead of $250 per month, we are now looking at just $200. For $25 less we enjoy more data per individual!

I am quite happy with this transition. I’ve included a QR code of my referral code as a banner of this post, so that if you decide Koodo is right for you, then use my referral code. This way we can mutually benefit. Make sure you use the referral code before activating your new line. Unfortunately they spelt my name wrong, but the code should still work. Enjoy!