The Objective Fascade

Objective, impartial, these are words that media outlets use to convince the readers or viewers that they are providing you with the facts. However, do not forget that the ones who is doing the reporting, in the West and East, performs a selection and interpretation on what they report. This may be intentional but is also natural. The selection of stories and their context is very difficult to get right even if they wanted to.

The only way to attain more objectivity is to broaden your own consumption of news media from multiple sources and with multiple perspectives, just like in the court of law. Placing any central trust in a single media outlet is misguided, in my opinion. Unfortunately this will require those of us consuming news to be critical, which I don’t believe as a population we are ready for.

One key area of critical thinking is your own personal knowledge base. This is of course your own experience but also your education. Just like many courts depend on precedence (history), as individuals we also need to continuously update ourselves so that we can be better judges ourselves. If we surrender this right of making our judgement then we become followers and at the mercy of other judges, like media outlets.