Day 1 of our Far East Trip

Arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at around 1:30pm local time after a 15hrs and somewhat better than expected comfortable ride on an Air Canada AC15 flight. Time on the flight passed quickly as I used it to watch many movies, The A-Team, The Losers, The Last Air Bender, and others. Carol slept, while the kids either enjoyed the on board kids entertainment or their Nintendo DS.

Our arrival was more troubling, as the immigration line was extremely long, and the never ending queueing for luggages, train, and taxi. We didn’t arrive to the place where we are staying until 4pm. We were then greeted by Carol’s cousins who brought some local food, which we snacked or devoured, not sure because at this time I really was not fully awake.

Carol’s cousin went out and purchased some communication necessities, such as local SIM cards and their corresponding prepaid plans. While they made their errands, the kids and I took a little nap. We went out for dinner, making a quiet and early evening, because we were very jet lagged. We all turned in early and were in bed before 11pm.

But here I am writing our first day’s experience wide awake with our new prepaid Internet service via one2free nextG. It is good to be online again. The data rates are so cheap around here. We got a one week unlimited data plan for $200 HKD.