Chinese Ambassador Sun Gongyi (孙功谊) to Mauritius Visits Mr. Claude Ng Thow Hing (吳松光)

On October 24th, 2017, Chinese Ambassador Sun Gongyi (孙功谊) paid a celebratory visit to the home of Claude Ng Thow Hing (吳松光), wishing him a happy and healthy eightieth birthday.

Ambassador Sun expressed that Mr. Claude Ng Thow Hing’s father Mr. Wu Tao Xing (吳桃興), amongst many Chinese Mauritians helped to forge the Sino-
Mauritian relationship as we see today, and the formal establishment of the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius. These efforts and contributions are deeply appreciated, and the People of China will not forget these “old friends”. The Chinese Mauritians have consistently promoted the value of a healthy and strong friendship between China and Mauritius, expressing their deep connection to the motherland. The development of China will always be in the hearts and minds of the Chinese Mauritians.

Mr. Claude Ng Thow Hing and his family greatly appreciated the Ambassador Sun’s special visit. The Ng Thow Hing family together with other Chinese Mauritians are honoured to continue the heritage and legacy of  Mr. Wu Tao Xing, and will redouble their efforts to strengthen the Sino-Mauritian relationship.

Update: 2023-07-06

I found the official page from the Chinese embassy web site ( Just in case the URL changes in the future, I also provided a screenshot of the page below.

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