iPad’s Camera Kit

Posted from: ON L4S 2G6, CanadaWe purchased the iPad camera kit today with the hope of storing videos that can be viewed on the iPad, since the iPad only has limited storage. It would be nice to store some videos on an USB stick for viewing during vacation, or a long business trip.

For this to work we discovered that we had to over come a couple of barriers, both are needed to mimic the USB stick as if it was a camera when connected to the iPad via the camera kit.

The first thing to ensure is that the USB stick must be formatted in FAT32, and has a DCIM sub-directory in it’s root directory. All images and videos must be stored in this directory.

The second thing is that the filenames cannot be exceedingly long. I followed the IMG_0001.JPG or MOV_0002.m4v formats, the former for pictures and the later for movies. Of course, the movie must be iPad compatible, which usually means H.264 video with AAC audio. The iTunes software can convert your video to this format.

I hope this helps any one who is trying to do the same.