Ontario Teachers Strike – Fighting For Their Rights

Consider this when fighting for your rights.

When I was a little kid, I thought living in a free country is to do whatever you want. It was later that I learned that in a society with limited resources, ones rights and freedom needs to be limited such that the freedom of others are not encroached. The peaceful coexistence is only made possible when a balance of freedom and rights exists amongst all. Trouble arises when one or more individuals believe that their entitlements to certain rights are more than the generosity of the others. The level of generosity is often determined by the availability of related resources in question.The concept of basic or absolute rights and privileges are only made possible by the consensus of the populace. This consensus is more easily reached when resources are in abundance and are not contested. It is easier to give when you have everything. Human rights would be difficult to adopt by many if others have to sacrifice their own sense of freedom to do so. I’ve always used this concept to gauge and assess the morality of ones actions to pursue a goal.

I am in full support of the teachers to lobby and fight for their perception of rights as long as their actions do not encroached on the rights of others. I fear that in this particular situation the rights of others are indeed compromised.It is ironic but not surprising, that the method that the teachers choose to protect and fight for their own rights is to erode the students’ rights of education. Of course education is their main asset to give, and they must leverage it to make their point.

In this situation, it is easy to reference ones rights and lay blame on the group who encroaches them. The only way to reach peace is to have all parties to readjust their sense of rights relative to the limited resources in question. Until this new balance is realized, there will continue to be ill feelings amongst the parties. As a parent, I am willing to reassess and come to terms the new quality of education that my children is receiving based on the limited provincial funding the government can provide. Can the other parties, the government and the teachers not do the same? Reassess their distribution of resources and their sense of rights respectively?