Residential Solar Project Initiated

This spring, I installed solar panels on our green house. This project gave me the experience and knowledge of what I wanted for our house. In August of this year, we finally took the plunge and initiated our solar project for our house.

After much research, I settled with the following three vendors:

They all had a web presence and I initiated contact either by phone or with their online registration. For all three, I provided my postal code, my utility bill or usage, and they were able to prepare a quote for me to review. My initial request was for a grid-tie hybrid solution consisting of: Solar panels, and batteries. Specifically, I wanted to perform a full backup of my house electrical demands in the case of power outages. I wanted to avoid a typical solar only, net-metering, grid-tie solution. I also did not want a partial backup solution where certain high inductive loads such as air conditioners and dryers will not be available.

All three vendors came back with a simple solar net metering solution, the one that I specifically said I did not want. New Dawn Energy Solutions was the only vendor that gave me multiple options, one of which was a partial backup solution, which did not meet my full house backup requirement. With this initial misunderstanding, I thought it would be best that I spent sometime detailing exactly what my requirements are. I proceeded to create a slide deck with this purpose.

Long story short, getting a common understanding of my requirements was still a challenge for the vendors with the exception of New Dawn Energy Solutions. I was able to directly contact the engineer who prepared and designed the solution. This was during the weekend, and we were able to quickly clarify what I wanted and what New Dawn Energy Solutions can provide.

I decided to select New Dawn Energy Solutions and proceeded with a contract with them. While we await for permits, New Dawn Energy Solutions also helped me to start my energy audit for the Canada Greener Home Grant Program. Under this program, we can potentially get up to $5000 CAD back. The first of two audits was already performed by EnerTest. The auditor was super friendly, detailed, informative, and efficient. I would recommend EnerTest if you are going after the same program.

The current solution look something like this, but it is subject to change after an on site engineering assessment.

Our Solar Setup

As of this writing, the first energy audit is now completed. Now we will await for the engineering assessment and the required permits.

I am excited to generate clean energy and will no longer be guilty of enjoying the full capabilities of my air conditioner during the summer heat.