Driving to Calgary (Moose Jaw to Calgary)

While at Moose Jaw, we stayed at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa. Carol did a dip in the hot springs pool and she claimed that the mineral water really helped her psoriasis. The morning breakfast buffet was delicious along with the accompanying, friendly service.

After breakfast, we visited the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, before heading off on our final leg to Calgary. There were three tunnel tours, but we picked the one associated with the Cold War. The 45 minutes guided tour brings you back to the 1950’s of the Cold War era where facilities in Moose Jaw was used to trained NATO and 5 EYES spies. They also talked about how the Canadian government at that time surveil social (leftest) politicians from Saskatchewan thinking that they were potential communist spies.

Our final drive to Calgary was largely uneventful other than that Medicine Hat was a much bigger town than I original thought. The final charging stop was in the middle of nowhere with just an accompanying Subway restaurant. At each charging stop, three in total on this trip, our new Windex cleaning process seems to be working with the bug infested windshields.

Just as we approach the outskirts of Calgary, the sky opened up as if the city was rolling out the “yellow carpet” for us. Check out the stunning pictures below.

As a bonus the car was washed with heavy rain fall just before reaching the city boundary.

Below is Carol’s video of the day:

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