Traffic Violation?

This morning on the way to work after picking up breakfast from McDonald’s (the one on 9989 BAYVIEW), I decided that heading East bound on Major Mackenzie from Bayview to Leslie was too busy, so I decided to turn right onto Boake Trail from Major Mackenzie.

After my right turn I was stopped immediately by a police officer. He told me that I was not allowed to turn right.

Since I had a dashcam installed on my car, I replayed the footage and found that there was simply no sign indicating that a right turn is restricted. The matter was even more confusing when there is a dedicated right turn lane. See for yourself below.

Dashcam Video

Also on Google Maps, the no right turn sign is also non-existent.

I decided to contest this matter. I am providing this quick blog entry as near to a contemporaneous note as possible of the event this morning in case I need to refresh my memory three months from now in court.

Update: My sharp eye wife spotted the no-left turn sign beside the traffic lights. So even with the video and Google Map reference I missed it on multiple, post-event analysis. The dedicated right turn lane threw me off and baited me into the turn, an honest mistake.

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