A Grand Birthday

This past weekend on October 6th, 2018, we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday. We invited many friends and family to come to Richmond Hill at a restaurant called Emperor’s Chinese Fine Cuisine restaurant for a casual dinner, along with some light entertainment.

Family from Mauritius and around Canada came to join us in celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday. I am super thankful for the great turn out, and we all participated in making some great memories. Special thanks to the performers, who also made the event that much more special. The lion dance from Sammy Cheng was spectacular. The traditional dancers made our venue magical, while Kalen’s guitar performance brought the celebration close to heart. Of course, the line dancers also added a fun and coordinated touch to the dance floor. The beat of Sega music brings out the joy in us all.

With the help of some high tech toys, people were able to record and contribute some wonderful moments. I took the past couple of days to put these media snippets together in this twenty-three and a half minutes long video.

So when you have a moment, sit back, and enjoy. I know that I will cherish this moment and will use this video to remind me of this grand, happy occasion.

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Updated October 16: You can also download all the source media, original photos and videos from here:

Note that the original media will only be available for about 60 days from the time of this posting, so if you want it, then please download it now.

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