Redstone P.S. BBQ Evening

This evening our family had the pleasure of attending a school BBQ hosted by our kids’ school at York Regional District School Board, Redstone Public School. These are annual events held to provide a nice forum for parents and teachers to introduce each other at the beginning of the school year. Last year for reason unbeknownst to me the event was not held. I am glad for its resurrection, and enjoy the information sessions that the teachers graciously put together for the night. I hope that the school will continue to upheld this tradition in future years to come.

With my boys being in grade six and eight respectively, I noticed that the school staff paid special attention to technologies. It is funny how the term technology is ubiquitously referring to contemporary electronics from cell phones to laptops. Strictly speaking the by-gone days of overhead projectors and 8mm films were also technologies when I went to school.

I echo the school’s focus on how modern technology of interconnected, always online type devices can be a double edge sword. They can be distracting and tremendously hurtful in the case of cyberbullying. At the same time, they can also be very useful tools assisting translation, dictionary lookups, convenient calculators,  and used properly a nascent platform to achieve a paperless classroom. More than once Google Classroom and Twitter was mentioned to streamline communication amongst students, parents, and of course the teachers. Open and frequent communication amongst these three parties ensure no surprises, and we can all act proactively to optimize the student’s learning.

As a professional working in the technology space, I definitely applaud and welcome the technology adoption. I salute the board and the school for embracing such a progressive learning process.

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