How to mod a Nerf gun very basic

In the world of Nerf, there’s plenty of guns, but most of them don’t get good ranges out of the box so people mod them. Modding is short for modifying in this case. We are improving the guns accuracy, performance, range, efficiency, and power. All guns are different so first let’s divide the guns into three classes stringer, springer, and flywheels. If your gun is a stringer (guns that use a string to propel the dart) then you probably would want to take out all the locks and probably replace the string. A good example of a stringer is a Crossbolt. If your gun is a springer you want to take out all the locks, replace the spring, catch, and plunger. A good example of a springer is an Alpha Trooper or Longshot. Finally, if your gun is a flywheel take out the locks, replace the batteries, flywheels, flywheel cage, and motors. A good example of a flywheel is the Stryfe and Rapidstrike. Remeber modding a gun is expensive. The cheapest item for modding is the spring and those cost around $7, so just remember to have fun and play safe especially if you modded your gun.

Compact Villager Breeder in Minecraft

For the past few days, I have been building a villager breeder. I’ve built the breeder in an attempt to obtain rare enchantments (Mending and Frost Walker). The two enchantments I just listed are very powerful and valued. I started the process of creating my breeder near my village on the lake. I then looked at multiple versions of breeders I could possibly create. I decided to create a compact villager breeder by Unarybit. As stated in his video, the breeder works by the gaps where the breeding happens. The kids drop down to an area where they can grow while the adults stay in the breeder where they can produce more children. The most difficult part of the build was the placement of the villagers which took me ages. If you don’t get it right the first time you will need to start all over. Eventually I manage to finish the breeder, and I then decorated the breeder and its surrounding area. I’ve even been able to complete my goal of getting the two enchantments and I have created a shop for them which I might cover in another article. Overall building this breeder was fun and I hope everyone in the server can enjoy the breeder and rare enchantments.

Minecraft Village

In Minecraft, my brother, Kalen and I own a server and in this server I decided to build myself a village. A normal village would look simple and would have oak wood, oak wood planks, cobble stone, and a few other blocks. I wanted my village to be special, so when I built the houses I added stone slabs around the edge of the houses. The only houses I didn’t add slabs around are the church and the light house. Most of the houses used dark oak, dark oak wood planks, spruce oak doors, cobble stone slabs, and glass planes. For some of the buildings, I took more care in building, like the church, lighthouse, and blacksmith. The church has a small grave yard. The lighthouse has a larger light so every one can see, and the blacksmith has a cauldron and other blacksmithing equipment. Overall I enjoyed the village currently and I hope to expand the village.


Sunday, October 2, 2016 Meal

For our breakfast on Sunday, October 2, 2016, we had some sous-vide eggs, with English muffin under it, and finally with salt and pepper on top. Other foods included bacon and congee. Each person got two eggs. I got one more egg because there was one extra. The eggs were alright, but I would like my eggs more runny and a bit salty. Overall the eggs were alright. However, the bacon was salty and was not as crispy as I would hope. Sadly, I cannot judge the congee because I did not eat it. I would rate the meal 7/10. It is an improvement from a similar meal we had last time. Overall, the meal was delicious but I still think it could be improved in ways which I’ve mentioned above.