Dinner at our cousins place

Last weekend, my family and I visited one of our cousins. This cousin also just got a dog and she owns a cat. After we got to our cousin’s rental house, we entered the building. The house looked small when I first entered. There were 4 rooms on the first floor. A living room, kitchen, washroom, and a storage room maybe. There was also the second floor but we never got to see it.

While we waited for dinner to finish cooking, we played with the cat. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the dog yet. After around 5 minutes, our cousin’s roommate came by with the dog. Unfortunately, the roommate couldn’t stay because he had to go somewhere else. We ended up playing with the cat until dinner. Even though the dog was here, we couldn’t let him out until dinner was over. For dinner, we had jumbo shrimp, beef, chicken, and some vegetables.

I was the first one to finish, so I played with the dog. After Kalen finished eating, we took the dog out for a walk. However, it was more difficult than I thought. The dog kept stopping at every bush along the way. Eventually, we turned back when we were a bit past our car.
When we got back, the dog back into the cage. Next, we had some ice cream. Soon we had to go back home.

Overall, I really enjoyed our time there. We got to play with the pets and feed them. The dinner was also good. The dish I ate the most was actually the chicken. In the end, I had a great time.

My Thoughts on IPads

Recently, I have been told to give away my iPad mini. This was disappointing since I watch 80% of my videos on the iPad. After handing my iPad over daddy told me the next iPad would be 50% off. Therefore in this blog, I will be talking about what I think about the current iPads.

The first iPad is the iPad mini 4. It has touch id and many other features. Unfortunately, there are rumors that Apple will stop making iPad minis. It also has the smallest screen and cost more compared to the cheapest iPad. Personally, I probably won’t get this iPad. In the end, I want a larger screen for watching videos not something I can take on the go.

The cheapest option is the 2017 iPad. Starting this year, Apple got rid of the number system for the iPad. Now we just call it the 2017 iPad. If I do get an iPad it would be this one. This is because the iPad has a decent screen size and it’s the cheapest. Overall, there’s not much to say about it. After watching reviews, I found out about its touch id. Other than that there’s not much else.

The final iPad is the iPad Pro. I will definitely not get this iPad, costing around $900-$1600. However, for this high cost, you get a bunch of features. There’s touch id, another set of speakers, Apple pen compatibility, and Apple compatibility. So far, the iPad Pro is the most high-tech iPad.

In the end, I want to get an iPad. However, there’s some reason why I shouldn’t get an iPad. One reason, is I’m saving cash. An iPad costs a lot of money and I only use it to watch videos. The other reason is I probably won’t need it. This is because I have a laptop and iPhone to watch videos with. Overall it was fun looking at Apple’s new iPad line up.

Warframe Part 2

This week, I will be talking about Warframe. I have already talked about this game before. However, a massive update just happened on Thursday. This update introduced many new features and I will be talking about it in this blog.

One of the newest features added to the game is open world. Open-world is an area with one huge map. In this map, you can complete quests, hunt enemies, fool around, and when you move to a new area there won’t be a loading screen. Before this, Warframe was strictly a tileset game. In a tileset game, multiple tiles are connected to form a map. Unfortunately, the tileset will always be enclosed and small. Warframe going open-world fixes these problems.

Even though I’m looking forward to running around in open-world, there are still other features. For example, there will be a ton of new shops, items, and activities like fishing. There will also be a reboot of the Focus system in Warframe. Unfortunately, the Focus system requires me to talk a lot about content unrelated to the update. Overall, the new Focus system “Focus 2.0” will add more depth to a shallow feature. Warframe will also be adding a weapon crafting system. However, there is still little knowledge about it.

With these new weapons, new enemies will be introduced. One of these new enemies are the Eidolons. These are massive enemies that appear in the night cycle of the game. Apparently, these enemies are really tough and are at a boss level. Also, the enemy is related to new Focus 2.0. Maybe we need to use the new feature to beat this enemy.

In the end, I fell like this update will change the game a lot. New content is always exciting. However, I believe this update will also breathe life into older content as well. For example, less used Warframes might find new uses in the game. In the end, I’m looking forward to jumping into the new update.

Moon Festival 2017

In this week’s blog, I will be talking about the moon festival. However, the moon festival isn’t the only name the festival has. Its also commonly knows as the mid-autumn festival and the lantern festival. The festival gets its name from always being in mid-autumn. The festival also has a few legends accompanying it. Some of these legends are the legend Chang E Flying to the Moon, Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine, Wu Gang Chopping Laurel Tree, and Zhu Yuanzhang and the Moon Cake Uprising. I personally only heard the first legends before searching why do we celebrate the moon festival. After some, researching I learned about the legends and why we have this festival. In the beginning, the festival was supposed to celebrate the summer harvest.

For this year’s moon festival, my family held a moon festival dinner. Some family and family friends were invited to celebrate. The one who actually cooked all of the food was my grampa. He made a bunch of Chinese dishes. Some dishes were beef, fish, tofu, and more. While my grampa was cooking dinner, most of the guest were watching Spiderman Homecoming. Unfortunately, I was upstairs studying for an upcoming science test. Because of this, I didn’t go downstairs until dinner was ready. After dinner, I did a bit more studying and stayed downstairs for a while. Soon we had mooncake and a tofu dessert. Soon most of the guest had to leave because it was a school day tomorrow.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal and learning about the moon festival. Before this, there was one time in school where I learned about the legend Chang E Flying to the Moon. Unfortunately, I forgot most of it. After researching, I relearned the legend Chang E Flying to the Moon and learned about other legends. In the end, I had a good meal and learned a bit more about my culture.