Uncle Bruce and Aunt Karen’s Wedding

On July 7, of this year we went to Montreal for a wedding. It would be a short trip since we would only be staying two nights. After some last minute packing, we finally left the house. Before we could actually go to Montreal, we had to go pick up our grandparents. When we arrived at our grandparent’s apartment, I helped out with loading the car. After around three hours of riding in the car, we stopped to eat and refill. The food at the service center, would actually be our breakfast and lunch. We wouldn’t get to eat anything else until we reach Montreal. In the end, most of us ended up getting burgers. Once again, we hop back in the car for another long ride. After another three hours of riding in the car, we finally arrived at our destination. The place that we would be staying at, was one of our distant relatives house. For dinner there, was curry, beef, vegetables, rice, and much more. After dinner, my brother and I played on the PS4 with a few of our uncles. At around midnight it was finally time to go to bed.

The next morning, was the day of the wedding. However, the wedding was in going to happen until late in the day. What what’s going to happen early in the morning, was church. Fortunately, my brother and I didn’t need to go. In the end, my brother and I ended up watching TV for most the morning. When the adults got back, nothing really changed. I watched TV until the time of the wedding. The great thing about this wedding compared to the others weddings is that I didn’t need to wear a suit. This time, I wore a collared shirt, running shoes, and dress pants. After 30 minutes of getting ready, we went to the wedding. The wedding was held at a Chinese restaurant. At the beginning of the wedding, there wasn’t to do. Besides the snacks, there wasn’t much to do. During the actual dinner, there was a lot of seafood. For example, there was fish, lobster, and I think crab. After dinner, dessert was immediately available. At the dessert table, I grabbed some wedding cake and an eclair. Once, we finished with the desserts my brother and I tried passing the time with games. We played card games and Charades. Eventually, we left the wedding at around midnight. When we arrived at the house, we immediately went to bed.

The next morning, it was time to go home. After packing up, we had one last lunch with our relatives before we had to go. After moving most of the luggage into the car, we took a family photo. Then we finished packing up and headed home. Our uncle and grandparents also came along with us. After one washroom break and 6 hours in the car, we made it to Richmond hill. We then dropped our uncle off at the nearest subway. After that, we dropped off our grandparents off at their apartment. With that done, we finally went back home.

Overall, I enjoyed this wedding over some other weddings. This is mainly because of what I had to wear and the building. At this wedding, my clothing was much more casual. The building was lighted up, and much better than some of the other weddings. This made it much easier to see things. However, the music was still loud and the dinner was not as good as some of the others. In the end, I really enjoy this wedding.

Cottage trip part 2

A few weeks ago, mommy, Nathan, Kalen, and I went to the cottage. In this blog, I will be talking about our second and third days.

When we woke up to our second day, we ate breakfast. Soon after, we went fishing because Nathan was very eager to catch some fish. Our first trip of the day wasn’t really successful. We caught Sunfishes, Perches, and a few Bass. After two hours of fishing, we eventually gave up and went back. For lunch, we decided to go to Pizza Palace. Unfortunately, they were closed. Disappointed, we looked around for another restaurant. We eventually found a Chinese buffet. It was pretty small, and the items were decent. The best part would probably be the ice cream. We then headed back to the cottage to lay back. Later we had dinner, which was beef. Once, dinner was over we went on another fishing trip. This time we were a bit more successful. We caught a lot more Sunfishes, Perches, and Bass this time. We then came back to go to bed.

The next time we woke up, it was our third day. Again we went fishing and caught some more fish. When we returned, I was very excited to go to Pizza Palace. When we arrived, it was around 12:50. For lunch, we had pizza, onion rings, and some soda. The pizza was half Hawaiian and half chicken caesar. Apparently, the chef hadn’t made a chicken caesar pizza before. Overall, the meal was much better than our last lunch.

Right after, we went go carting. I had a lot of fun there. The carts used real motors and gasoline. After three laps we had to get off the track. It was really fun and I hope to go next year. Soon we were back at the cottage. While we waited for dinner, Kalen, Nathan, and I tried making a fire. We weren’t too successful because we could only maintain the fire for a few minutes. For dinner, we had a beef and vegetables. After dinner, we had our last fishing trip. That day, we caught many Sunfishes, Perches, and Bass. The next day we had to go back home.

Overall, I really enjoyed our trip. I had a lot of fun fishing and making fires was really exiting. Next time I go to the cottage, would like to do more go carting and other activities. In the end, I had a really fun time.

My review of “Unlikely predators: Owls, raccoons feast on endangered baby hawks”

This week I looked at an article called “Unlikely predators: Owls, raccoons feast on endangered baby hawks”. This article on CBC talks about an endangered hawk, called the ferruginous hawk. Recently, there have been multiple attacks on ferruginous hawk nests. Each nest contains baby ferruginous hawks. Researchers didn’t know who carried out these attacks until the University of Alberta found the culprits. Two of the attackers are the raccoons and great horned owls. This really surprised me when it said raccoons. When I picture a raccoon I see it looking through garbage, not attacking baby ferruginous hawk. The researchers at the University of Alberta put cameras right next to 90 nests. In three years there were four attacks. That doesn’t seem like much but each nest contains multiple baby ferruginous hawks. It also doesn’t help that half of the ferruginous hawks in Canada died since the 1990s.

Because of all these attacks on North Americas largest Hawks, their numbers are dwindling. In response to this, researchers from the University of Alberta are looking for ways to protect these birds. Unfortunately, the researchers at the University of Alberta are still watching the ferruginous hawks. Therefore, researchers haven’t implemented any counter measures yet. Maybe a way to help these ferruginous hawks are to place their nests in less accessible areas, like maybe on top of a cliff or mountain. Another way to possibly protect the ferruginous hawks is to fortify their nests. An example is putting barb wire or raccoon traps around the nests. Hopefully, this might make raccoons think twice before assaulting a nest. All the idea I just mentioned, are for the raccoon because I can’t think of a way to stop the horned owls without hurting the ferruginous hawks.

After reading this article, it really made me think of all the other endangered spices around the world. Before this article, I didn’t even know what a ferruginous hawk was. This reminded me that polar bears aren’t the only endangered animal. I have also learned not to underestimate furry creatures (raccoons, rabbits, etc). They seem harmless, but they destroy many things. Overall, I liked this article it showed me that a lot of things are happening right now in the real world.

Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/ferruginous-hawk-predators-raccoons-owls-1.4199813

Last days of school

This week, I’ll be talking about my last few days at Redstone. June 28, was the last full day of school. So on that day, we had a lot to do. At the beginning of the day, we mainly had our locker clean outs and yearbook signing. However, it was mainly signing yearbooks since we got to go to the other classes. After going to Mrs.Biniki’s class, it was recess. Recess was short and we didn’t really do anything.

Once recess was over, our class and some other classes went outside for free time. Unfortunately, during this time there was a fire drill. After the fire drill, we continued with our free time. The grade eights decided to play soccer, baseball, or kickball. Some of my friends and I played kickball. Eventually, my friends and I got bored of the game. Instead, we found some shade and decided to play cards. When the second block ended, we went back inside for lunch. After our last lunch at Redstone, we had our final lunch recess. For the last few hours of school, everyone went down to the gym. There we had our character assembly.

The next day, was our last and final day. Our first three periods of school were used to say goodbye to the staff that were leaving Redstone. One of these people was the vice principal. After the assembly we had recess, we mainly spent this time talking to others and saying how we will miss each other. The last three periods of Redstone for the grade 8’s was mainly spent signing yearbooks, saying goodbye, and getting ready to walk outside. After walking outside most of the grade 8’s had a very sad moment because everyone realizes that this is their last day at Redstone. When I left for home some people were still crying.

Overall, the last few days of Redstone are very enjoyable and happy memories. It’s really sad that I will be leaving Redstone, but at the same time, I got to move onto high school. I may not get to see some of my classmates, but we will still communicate with Skype.