St.Patricks day Cat Show

This week, I will talk about a cat show I went too. A cat show is not like a dog show. A cat show is not about how many tricks your cat can do. Instead, it’s more like a beauty contest. Several judges look at your cat and judge him/her against other cats. Depending on how good your cat does, they can move on to the next round.

The cat show I went to was on St.Patricks day. My mom and I had to wake up early in the morning at around 6. After getting ready we left the house at 7am. The worst part of the day was probably the ride. Even though I like Darcy a lot, she can very noise. She probably meowed for most of the time during the ride.

By the time we got to the area where the show was hosted, it was already 10. There wasn’t much I had to do in terms of setting up. After I got the food and chairs, I sat down for most of the time. Before the first judging, I was just playing on my phone. During the first contest, we didn’t do so well and got 6th place. In the next round, we did a bit better. We ended up getting 3rd place in the same category as the last judging. In a cat show, there are multiple categories. In this cat show, Darcy participated in the long hair kitten category and the all breed category.

After a few more long hours it was time for third judging. We again did do that well. The upside though was that it was an all breed judging. Besides the fact the all breed kitten category contains all kinds of kittens, it also awards more points. In cat shows there is also a point system. At the end of the year, your cat can receive rewards depending on the amount the points you obtain at every cat show you participate in. After, another long wait we when to the last judging of the day. However, the results would be released at the end of the show. That meant we had to wait for another full hour. When the results got revied we got 3rd place for an all breed kitten category.

Overall, the cat show was really fun. However, I don’t think I would want to do another one. The ride felt very long and there is nothing to do besides play games. In the end, the experience was fun but I wouldn’t do it again.

March break 2018

This week I will talk about what I did during the march break march break. Last week, I wrote about what I wanted to do. This week I’ll talk about what I did do. I spent the first few days in bed. I wanted to get as much rest as possible before volunteering on Monday. Saturday and Sunday basically pasted with me doing nothing. The most noteworthy thing I did was use my PC. Saturday¬†and Sunday were how I wanted to spend the rest of my March break. Unfortunately, I had to volunteer the next day.

On Monday, I woke up super early at 7 to hitch a ride with Auntie Michelle to the volunteer site. The volunteer work was simple. I basically had to assist teachers and watch kids when adults weren’t around. Before any of the kids arrived, I changed into my volunteer uniform. Apparently, it wasn’t required but still wore it. On the first day, there was one other volunteer. After the first day, he didn’t show up again. The basic structure of the day was play, eat, mandarin lesson, eat, play, eat, math lesson, and more playing. During the mandarin lessons I was basically useless and for math I marked questions. After three days of volunteer work, it was finally over.

For rest of the March break, I hardly went on my PC. Instead, I spent most of my time in my room. I watch tv and read some books. I did this for around four days then school began again.

Overall, I had a very generic March break. I played video games and watch tv in my free time. On the weekdays I worked for volunteer hours. In the end, I had a really fun time. Next time, I would like to have all 40 volunteer hours so I get more free time.

Plans For March Break

This week, I will be talking about what I will be doing for March break. This year, I am lucky. This is because none of my teachers gave me any real homework. The only thing I have to do is read a few chapters from a book I got.

The first thing I wanted to do during March break is play games. Unfortunately, I need to go volunteer. Apparently, the volunteer work is looking after kids. So it is similar to my previous volunteer experience. This volunteer work will take up most of my afternoons. However, during the evening I plan to play a lot of games. Specifically, I wanted to start a new game of Borderland with my friends. The previous week we were already talking about doing it. This weekend we should start the game. Out of all my friends, only two people beat the game, including me. My other friend and I promised to keep quiet about the plot, so we don’t ruin the others fun.

Other than playing games, I wanted to finish my books. I started reading a book at the start of this year. However, I haven’t had time to read since the ski trip this year. I also hope to get a lot of sleep. Since high school started, I have been going to sleep at around 11 and waking up at 7. I really wanted to sleep in during the march break.

Overall, I looking forward to the March break. The break should be very fun. Although I am unsure how the volunteer experience will go. That’s because I haven’t volunteered since the summer break. In the end, I hope this March breaks end up being a ton of fun.

RGSS Ski Trip

This week, I will talk about yesterdays ski trip. Yesterday, Jacky and I participated in RGSS ski trip. Before school, I had to pack another bag with all my ski equipment. This included my snow pants, ski goggles, and a ski mask. School continued as normal until 4th period. At around 2:30 (the beginning of the 4th period) we began to board a bus. We left the school at around 2:35. During the long 2 hour ride, I took a nap. When we reached Bule Mountain it was around 5. By the time we got our rentals, it was 6.

Before I did the test, I decided to do a practice run. When I finally did the test I got a green sticker and so did Jacky. In addition, we would also have to do a mandatory lesson. The lesson took up a lot of time and I didn’t learn anything from it. It just went over the basics like how to turn. When the lesson was completely over the sun had set and it was around 7:30. Jacky and I did around 5 runs to practice. Then we went over to the bunny hill for our blue test. Unfortunately, it was too late for any more tests. In the end, we ate our dinner and headed back to RGSS.

Overall, I had a great time. If I could do it again I would try snowboarding instead. The lesson took too long and skiing on one slope gets kind of boring. I would have rather spent my time learning how to snowboard. In the end, I had a wonderful time and I would like to do it again.