Grad Ceremony

This week I will talk about my Graduation ceremony and the following party. Everything started off normally on June 20 until I arrived at school. In the gym, all the grade 8’s practiced for the graduation ceremony. We were put into pairs in alphabetical order. Once we had our pairs, we would practice walking into the ceremony. After practicing, I was the only grade 8 in the school. Since I didn’t want to be the only grade 8, I called mommy and asked if I could come home. When I got home, it was still 11 am. After eating lunch and taking a nap, it was 2 pm.

When everyone got home, we left the house at 5 pm. When we reached the hall, some of my classmates had already arrived. Soon, almost everyone from the grade had arrived and it was time for the group picture. After the picture, we all walked outside and prepared for the ceremony. When we walked into the room again, our parents were already there. Like we practiced in the gym, we received our diploma. Once everyone received their diploma, we watched our graduation video. When that was over, everyone walked outside the room, the parents left and the children went to eat dinner.

The dinner was not as bad as I thought it would be. We had salad, pasta, fries, chicken strips, and bread. Besides food, we had Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, and Sprite Zero. After eating, the dancing started. The music was very loud and you could hear it from most parts of the room. Some other people and I spent most of our time at the dance floor corner. After the dancing stopped, it was time to go home. I personally liked the graduation ceremony and I look forward to high school.



Grad Trip Day 2

The second day of our trip started early in the morning. My group got up at around 7:30, all because one of my friends got up early in the morning. We then spent the next 30 min packing up. Around 8:00 it was time for breakfast, the whole grade went down to the dining hall for breakfast. Breakfast was probably the best meal we got at Blue Mountain.

After breakfast, we separated into our groups to do our events. Our group had mountain biking, so we walked to the bike rentals. There, we got our bikes. We then rode our bikes to the gondola. Using the gondola we got our bikes to the top of the mountain. We then started riding one of Blue Mountain’s many courses. After a bit of riding, it was actually much easier than I thought. Even though most of us were having a good time some of us fell.

After the long ride, our group had a short break. Unfortunately, we found out we didn’t have a break and we were supposed to go to the Apex bag jump. However, since Mr. Barwin went to the hotel we didn’t have a teacher to accompany us. We didn’t get to go to the event until Mrs. Biniki came along. The bag jump event was actually really simple. There are four platforms, each one is higher is higher than the last. In order to go to the other platforms, you have to first pass a test. The test is also really simple, you just need to successfully jump to the prior platform. After everyone took their turns, it was time for lunch. For lunch, we had pita pit. Lunch wasn’t really special, in addition to our pita, we had a bag of chips and a drink of our choice.

After lunch, it was time to go back to school. We grabbed our stuff from our rooms, and we headed downstairs to the lobby. In the lobby, our grade was separated into two groups. Each group got to go on their own bus. This time on the bus ride back to school, we had a lot more space. After a long bus ride, we eventually made it back to school.

Overall, it felt like we did less than yesterday. For example, the grade didn’t get free time like yesterday. In the end, the graduation trip was really fun. We did a lot of events that were really enjoyable. Some of these events were zip lining and the bag jump. In the future, I hope to go on another enjoyable trip like this.

Grad Trip Day 1

On Thursday, June 8, I woke up at 7 am in the morning for the graduation trip. After some last minute packing, I arrived at school. By 7:45 am, some of my friends have already arrived. By 8:16 am we still haven’t left the school. Later, we found out that there was only one bus. This meant everyone in the grade had to fit in one bus.

After a long and uncomfortable ride to Blue Mountain. We grabbed our luggage and put it in two rooms, while we did our activities for the rest of the day. After the grade got split up into three groups, we went to our activities. My group’s first activity was a compass challenge. Basically, we had to complete challenges using a compass.
Like, go to certain landmarks.

Our next activity was zip lining. At first, I thought that zip lining would be exciting and quick. Unfortunately, I was wrong. First, we had to get our equipment on. This took a few minutes, then we had to hike up a mountain to get to the zip line platform. Then the long wait began. It took about ten minutes for three people to go and there were two classes. It didn’t help that I was in the back of our class. So after two hours of waiting, we finally finished the zip lining.

Our final activity for the day was the timber activity. This was my least favorite activity of the of the day. Basically, you had to complete a bunch of courses. These courses have different obstacles, for example, a bridge. The only part I don’t like is that all the obstacles are at least three meters off the ground. After the activities, it was time for dinner. After we moved our luggage into our separate rooms, we went to the dining hall. After our dinner, most of the students went hiking. Aaron and I started later than the others. After ten minutes we still hadn’t reached the top. However, I was able to some pictures. Soon it was time for bed. All of the students went to their room and went to bed.

Overall, the first day was pretty good. Besides the timber challenge, I had a very good time. My favorite part of the first day was the zip lining. Even though it took a super long time it was still very fun. My next blog I will talk about the second day of my graduation trip.

A quick look at Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an MMO RPG and is Bungie’s successor to Destiny. The game will be coming out during September, so I will talk about all the current information.

The gameplay will probably remain the same with new weapons and armor. However, the only thing people are concerned about right know is the new subclasses. In Destiny, each class gets two subclasses and the player gets to choose one for their character. In the new installment, players get to choose three instead of two subclasses. These new classes are the Titan’s Sentinel, the Hunter’s Arcstrider, and the Warlock’s Dawnblade subclasses. I’m really excited to try the Hunter’s Arcstrider subclasses.

One of the things that got me excited for this game, was the support. The last Destiny game only appeared on 4 platforms. These platforms were consoles the PS4, the XBOX1, the XBOX360, and the PS3. This time, only the PC and newest generation of consoles will support the game. This makes me very excited since I don’t need a new console to play the game.

There will also be some tweaks to the graphics and multiplayer. Overall, I believe Destiny 2 is a game to keep your eye on. I think it has the potential to be a great game, and I’m looking forward to the release date.