Minecraft Village

In Minecraft, my brother, Kalen and I own a server and in this server I decided to build myself a village. A normal village would look simple and would have oak wood, oak wood planks, cobble stone, and a few other blocks. I wanted my village to be special, so when I built the houses I added stone slabs around the edge of the houses. The only houses I didn’t add slabs around are the church and the light house. Most of the houses used dark oak, dark oak wood planks, spruce oak doors, cobble stone slabs, and glass planes. For some of the buildings, I took more care in building, like the church, lighthouse, and blacksmith. The church has a small grave yard. The lighthouse has a larger light so every one can see, and the blacksmith has a cauldron and other blacksmithing equipment. Overall I enjoyed the village currently and I hope to expand the village.


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  1. Jason, this is a very nice description of your village in Minecraft. Perhaps you can complement your depiction with some screenshots of the village next time. I look forward to seeing the images, when you expand the village.

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