This week I will be talking about my new cat Darci. She is A Balinese cat. The reason we chose this breed, was that it produces less Fel D1 protein. This protein was the one that started allergic reactions. So far, I only one full day with her. So I will talk about my current experience.

When mommy, uncle Johnny, and I picked her up she was very noisy. During the one hour ride, she was meowing constantly. However, when we got back Darci decided to hide in the corner. After about five hours, Darci began to open up. I managed to play with her for a good two hours. Instead of meowing, she made a purring noise. The purring noises sounded more like a stomach growling. That night, I had to sleep in the basement with Darci. At first, I tried to restrict her access to the rest of the basement. Unfortunate, she jumped passed the couch. Next morning (today), she was much more active. Even auntie Tina and Lily came over to see Darci.

I personal like Darci. She is very sociable and made a lot of friends. I am very curious to see how she would react to Juno. Currently, she primarily stuck in the basement. The next step is to get her to roam or get familiar with the house. However, all the noise on the main floor is making that hard. Overall, Darci is a welcomed family member. I’m also slightly concerned she isn’t eating enough.
In the end, I Darci enjoys her new home.


Sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle and a lack of it isn’t good for you. This week, I will be talking about the benefits of sleeping early. There are many benefits but I wanted to point out 2 of them. I will also talk about my personal experience with sleep deprivation.

One benefit is the ability to be attentive. This benefit can literally save your life. Many studies say sleep deprivation can lead to car accidents and many other disasters. Being attentive means you will also do better in school. You can listen to the teacher and know what to do. You will also be able to think clearly. This is crucial if you have a pop quiz. Overall, being attentive is very important.

Another benefit, being healthy. For example, sleeping can help with digestive problems. Or if you don’t sleep you could lower your lifespan. However, the most surprising thing was weight gain. Apparently, sleep deprivation will make lazy on top of being unattentive. So when you wake up, you become less willing to make a healthy meal. I have experienced this many time because of my laziness. On most days I would just eat bread, yogurt, and a cookie (if there is any). This can lead to an unhealthy diet. On top of that, you do some digesting during your sleep.

In the end, sleep is a thing everyone needs. You can’t live without it. Even so, I believe you need a balance of sleep. I find that I get slight headaches. In the end, I learned I should sleep more (8-9 hours of sleep).

Fallout 4

This week, I will be sharing my thoughts on Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is a first-person RPG by Bethesda Softworks (also the creators of the Elder Scrolls series). Fallout 4 was released 2 years ago, and I got the game 6 months ago. In 2 months I beat the campaign and for a few months didn’t touch it. However, in the last month, I decided to play the campaign again this time with mods.

The story of the game is really simple. The player is a mother/father that lost their spouse and missing son. This all happen, when the family was frozen through cryogenic technology. For the rest of the game, you travel the apocalypse/wasteland of Boston. During the game, you can find 13 companions and 3 factions. Companions can help you fight, while the factions help you progress through the game. Personally, my favorite part of the game is the gunplay. The Fallout series has a special gun mechanic called VATS. VATS freezes the action and lets you target enemy body parts. This system is super fun and great for getting headshots.

One of the reasons I decided to play Fallout 4 again, is because of mods. Mods are add-ons created by the community. Mods can be a weapon or a quest. Currently, I am using graphics enhancers and weapon mods. I really like mods, they can add a lot to a vanilla game.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. Fallout is already a great game without the mods. However, the mods add more fun and gameplay. In the end, I look forward to completing the game a second time.

Akasaka Teppanyaki

This Friday, my family and I celebrate my cousin birthday. To celebrate we went to Akasaka Teppanyaki. Akasaka Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and Teppanyaki cuisine. Teppanyaki meals are cooked in front of you using a large iron griddle. Usually, Teppanyaki meals contain beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken, and assorted vegetables.

My family and I(including Doris), arrived at the restaurant at around 7:15 pm. When we arrived I immediately looked the menu. There weren’t too many options to choose from. Including the very expensive dish, I only saw 7 options. I eventually chose the Kobe Kabi. The Kobe Kabi is a lamb dish with short ribs, lamb chop, and fried rice. As I watched the chef cook our food I was reading my book. Most of the tricks that caught my eye, had a fire in it.

Overall, I had a great experience. I did go to Akasaka Teppanyaki multiple times but its very rare. This is because the restaurant is pretty far and the food is expensive. The meal I ate cost around $30-$40. The meal daddy ate cost around $90. Even with its high price tag, the food was delicious. In the end, I think Akasaka Teppanyaki is a great place. I would defiantly go there again if someone else is paying.