Summer School

This week I will talk about my summer school experience. I have made a previous blog on my thoughts about summer school. However, this week I will talk about my first week of summer school.

Luckily summer school started on a Wednesday so I will only talk about three days. On Wednesday, I went to school and went to the cafeteria to find my homeroom. After finding my homeroom on the first floor, I entered the room. To my surprise, there was someone I knew. After I greeted Jason, I sat down beside him and waited for the class to start. First, we got these green tag. The tags lets the staff know we are attending summer school. Without a tag, we would be asked to leave. At the first break, I learned Jacky was also taking summer school but in a different class. After the first fifteen minute break, I returned to class. Since it was the first day, there wasn’t much work. However, what scared me was that we would get our first assignment on Thursday and a test next Thursday. After learning that, I got a feeling summer school is going to be rough.

On the second day, I forgot my tag. In the last paragraph, I said it was very important. On the second day of summer school, I already forgot it. Luckily, I remembered on my way to school. With fifteen minutes left, I sprinted back home. After retrieving the tag, I asked mommy for a ride. When I got to school, I was one minute from being late. That experience had taught me not to leave the tag behind again. For the rest of that day, my legs had a lot of pain. That day we also got our assignment, it was a group report. There were four topics Homefront, Battle, Technology, and Person. Each member had to pick a topic to do a report on and I chose Technology. The rest of my group was Jason, Sohom, and Yusuf. I already know two of them from school the last is a new person I met. The Friday was the most boring because it was a work period day.

In the end, I am not enjoying the summer school experience. It is very stressful knowing I will have assignments and tests every week. The only highlight is that I met new people but that’s it. I’m jealous Kalen gets to stay home while I walk 1.5km when it’s 32 degrees outside(no shade). Overall, I’m looking forward to no summer school and I’m counting down the days.