Doris birthday party

This week about Doris birthday party. The birthday party started at around 7 PM at auntie Michelle’s place. When my family and I arrived, most of the guests were already there. Kalen and I immediately went upstairs. Upstairs, we found all the boys playing with their Nerf guns or iPads. After 10 minutes, dinner was ready. There were kinds of food like noodles, fried rice, beef and much more. I was one of the first to finish eating, so I waited for everyone else to finish. Once, most of the boys finished eating. We went to our house to play Nerf. Kalen didn’t want to play, so the teams ended up being divided very unfairly. It ultimately became three versus one. Since I was all by myself I eventually was defeated. During the second round, I bolstered my defenses. Unfortunately, the other team gained another member.

Midway through our game, it was time for cake. Everyone in my house went back to Michelle’s house. After singing happy birthday, we finally got to eat cake. There ended up being three different cakes. There was a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and an ice cream cake. I personally really like the ice cream cake. Once, everyone finished eating their cake. We went back to my place to continue our game. Unfortunately, the game was dragging on and I became bored. In the end, Nathan enjoying to my side and I quit the game. I later went downstairs to play with the dog. Soon, most of the guest had to leave. Once, most of the guests left Kalen Nathan and I cleaned up the mess. After cleaning the mess, we ended up watching Flash on the TV.

In the end, I had an enjoyable time. The food was good, and I got to play some Nerf. Unfortunately, some people did not participate. In the end, I hope to have another great party.

Computer Science project

This week I will talk about my current computer science assignment. In this assignment, we need to create a Pokemon battle simulation. So, I will talk about what I have completed so far, what I plan to do, and my current problems.

So far, I have been doing alright. I have completed the part where you need to input your characters stats. I have also created a mini tutorial for the buttons. Some of the things I’m working on are the buttons. I need to create an attack button, heal button, defense button, attack boost button, and magic attack button. Each button is unique and some are harder than others. For example, heal button and attack boost button are easy. I also might know how to the defense button.

Unfortunately, there are some things that I need help with. For example the attack button. One thing I definitely need help with is the enemy move generator. For example, the Ai can either attack, defend, or heal. I need to get the Ai to pick one, then create a random number for it (how much damage you will do and how much you heal) based on your stats. I also need to work on the enemy transition. For example, when the first enemy dies I need to generate another one.

Later, I hope to include other features. Maybe a title card and you win screen. I might also change some sprites. However, I can’t do that until I finish the actual project. In the end, I still have work to do on the project

Castle Crashers

This week I will be talking about the game Castle Crashers. I recently got this game from Nathan. In this blog, I’ll be talking about my thoughts on the game and experience.

I have already played this game on the Xbox, so I already know a lot about the game. Castle Crashers is 2D style game and you can play with three other people. The plot revolves around saving four princesses and a crystal from an evil wizard. On your quest, you gather exp, weapons, and pets. In my opinion, the story is lacking. However, the game wasn’t made with a good story in mind. If you get this game you playing for the laughs, gameplay/art style, and multiplayer.

The game has you choose one of four the knights. However, if you play with your friends there might be fighting over the orange knight (The overall best starter character). From that point, you start the story. After the evil wizard steals a crystal, you fight hoards of enemies to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the crystal has been taken to another continent. You will then need to retrieve three items (spyglass, compass, and steering wheel) for a ship crew to take you to the next content. Along the way, you’ll find two of the four princesses. Each time you save a princess, your character will kiss her. If you play with your friends you enter a PvP situation. Whoever wins kisses the princess.

Overall, I think this is a very good game. It won’t take very long to finish the game (It took Kalen, Nathan, and I 12 hours to finish it). However, playing with friends can be fun. Besides the main story, there’s also plenty of mini-games. In the end, a great game that you should buy if on sale.

Bring your kid to work day

This Wednesday, I went to my Dad’s workplace instead of school. This is because the grade 9s were coming to Richmond green. The grade 9s need to come to our school to prepare for the transition to high school. Since there was nowhere else to put us the school board sent us to our parent’s workplace.

I woke up at 7:30 am, the same time I normally wake up. However at 8:30 my dad and I headed to his workplace near downtown. On the way there, I tried to sleep a bit. When we arrived we entered a skyscraper and went to the ninth floor. We then entered the part of the building pVelocity owned. pVelocity was the company daddy worked for. In a meeting room, I meet Sidney. Sidney also had Bring your kid to work day and was the daughter of one of my dad’s co-workers.

Soon we were waiting for the co-op student that would tour us. While we waited, my dad taught us about the relationship between companies, consumers, and a bunch of other stuff. Eventually, the co-op student arrived. He was named Adil and he talked what pVoelocity does in general. However, we ended up talking about universities. Adil then gave us a tour of the building. Soon it was time for lunch. We decided to go to Swiss Chalet, which was right across the street. For lunch, I had chicken and fries. The rest of the day was spent sitting through a meeting. It was also really boring because I didn’t understand the topics. In the end, I had a good time. I got a day out of school, and I learned about universities. Overall, I learned more about the workplace, the relationship between companies and consumers, and about getting into a university.