How to mod a Nerf gun very basic

In the world of Nerf, there’s plenty of guns, but most of them don’t get good ranges out of the box so people mod them. Modding is short for modifying in this case. We are improving the guns accuracy, performance, range, efficiency, and power. All guns are different so first let’s divide the guns into three classes stringer, springer, and flywheels. If your gun is a stringer (guns that use a string to propel the dart) then you probably would want to take out all the locks and probably replace the string. A good example of a stringer is a Crossbolt. If your gun is a springer you want to take out all the locks, replace the spring, catch, and plunger. A good example of a springer is an Alpha Trooper or Longshot. Finally, if your gun is a flywheel take out the locks, replace the batteries, flywheels, flywheel cage, and motors. A good example of a flywheel is the Stryfe and Rapidstrike. Remeber modding a gun is expensive. The cheapest item for modding is the spring and those cost around $7, so just remember to have fun and play safe especially if you modded your gun.

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