My first RGSS birthday bash

This week, I will talk about my first birthday bash experience. Every year, RGSS (Richmond green secondary school) holds a huge party to celebrate the birthday of RGSS.

The first signs of birthday bash appeared a week prior. It began with the announcement of to spirit days leading up to birthday bash. I don’t really remember anything about the spirit days. Spirit days are days when the school asks the students to wear a certain set of clothes. The clothes are to show care about a certain event. For example, on stop-bullying day, the school will ask students to wear pink clothes. However, in my personal experience, people don’t really ever participate.

Three days prior to the birthday bash, SAC or the student activity council set a countdown program in the cafeteria. The program was a counting down the days beforebirthday bash. During lunch, the program would show clips of people preparing for birthday bath and interviews of students being asked what they thought of birthday bash. In my opinion, I thought the countdown was a bit over the top. On the day right before birthday bash, people could see food trucks coming in. Particularly the beavertail, and the ice cream trucks. I didn’t pay attention to these trucks since I had no money to spend.

Once Friday arrived, birthday bash could finally begin. The first change of the day was the shorten classes. Secondly, more food trucks had arrived that morning, one of them was a BBQ food truck. In addition, a multitude of concession stands were set up. Some of these stands gave out free goodies like carabiners while other gave out refreshments like drinks. When 11:30 rolled around, many students were excited to get spend their money. After meeting up with my friends, we seperated to obtain our lunches. Some of us had premade lunches while others had cash. After eating, my friends and I went to all the inflatables. Unfortunately, it was getting a bit hot for me. At 12:55 I went back inside and headed to the geography room. At that point, birthday bash was kind of over for me.

Overall, birthday bash was fun. It was very reminiscent of Redstone’s 10th anniversary. The difference was, there were more food trucks, more inflatables, and there was just overall more stuff. It makes we wonder how RGSS gets the cash to do this every year. Especially when Redstone can only do it every ten years. In the end, I hope next years birthday bash is just as fun.

Hopeful Revival of Destiny 2

This week I am going to talk about destiny 2. I have already talked about the game before but that was a long time ago. So this time I will talk about what’s new and what happen since my last blog.

Destiny 2 has had a shaky relationship with its community since I stopped playing. Destiny 2 was constantly having bad updates. Basically, most of the new weapons were re-skins of previous weapons and the new raids weren’t amazing. Slowly Destiny 2 lost a lot of its player base. However, Bungie realizes this and began to release more quality updates.

One of the newer updates that helped revitalize the game is the 1.1.4. It made the pvp aspect more balance, it fixed some open world bugs, expanded loot pools in raids, and other enhancements that made the game better. The DLC also improved the game by adding new content. However, the first piece of DLC that was released got bad reviews and wasn’t that good. From what I heard the storyline was bland and the new equipment was bad. Fortunetly, the new DLC “Warmind” is much better from what I’ve heard. It adds a new storyline and weapons that are actually good.

Overall, this blog is to talk about the apparent death and the hopful revival of Destiny 2. I hope Bungie will continue to release good updates to the game. People had high hope for Destiny 2, but many were disappointed by the lack of care Bungie had for the game. I hope Bungie can turn this around and bring back more players. In the end, I hope Destiny 2 gets a flourishing community just like its predecessor.

Whats it like when Mommy isn’t around

This week I will talk about what it’s like without mommy around.
Recently mommy went to Hong Kong. The first realization after she left was I’m now the one responsible for Darcy. After daddy and I return home, I checked Darcy liter box. After checking, I went to finish my blog. Everything felt normal until dinner time. For dinner, we went to the emperor, a Chinese restaurant. Usually, I sit in the back row of the car but this time I sat in the front. After a few days, nothing felt that different. The only effect mommy had when she left was added a few tasks to my morning schedule.

However, the weekdays felt very different compared to the weekends. I had to wake up much earlier than when I usually do. Instead of 7:30 I needed to wake up at 6:45. This is because I had to prepare my lunch, Darcy’s food and water, and my breakfast. The weekday mornings are currently the biggest change in my schedule.

In the end, I find having mommy does not around haven’t changed my schedule that much. However, it would be much different if I had to cook my food. Mommy was nice enough to leave a bunch of frozen food on the freezer. An upside to mommy being in China is more diverse meals. Overall, the experience so far has not been as painful as I thought.

Skyrim DLC

This week, I will talk about Skyrim and it’s DLC. I have already talked about Skyrim in a previous blog. However, those two blogs just talked about the base game.

Since getting the game on PC, I beat the game again and played through 1 of 2 DLC. The DLC I played through was the Dawnguard. This DLC expanded upon the vampire and werewolf concepts. Previously, you could turn into a vampire or werewolf but the features were limited. This DLC added perks trees to each form, weapons, armor, and quests. After playing a vampire I thought it was fun. However, I also found slightly annoying because if your vampire perk tree is not maxed out you’ll get attacked by NPCs. This feature makes it impossible to play. I ended up using cheats to make the game playable. Currently, I’m trying out playing a werewolf. So far the experience has been better than vampire experience.

The next DLC is the Dragonborn DLC. Unfortunately, I haven’t played it yet. What I do know about is that the player travels to an island to experience more items and quests. Instead, I will take about another DLC that doesn’t add much content. The DLC in question is the Hearthfire. This DLC just allows you to build a house, adopt children, and make more food. To be honest, I didn’t think this DLC had much impact on the game. Most of the time I spend in game is kill monsters and completing quests. The only feature I used, was the adopting children for my very empty house. Out of all three DLC, Hearthfire is the blandest.

In the end, these DLCs add a lot to the game. Although, some are better than others. However, each DLC still makes the game more fun add more time spent on each playthrough. By the end of summer, I hope to finish the game a 100%. Overall, I really enjoy these DLC and I hope the next elder scroll game will come out soon.