Ajax trip

The day was February 18. Earlier that morning Nathan came over to play some games with us since he didn’t want to go to his sisters dance classes. We were having a good time playing different kinds of games like Minecraft and Counter Strike. Around noon mommy came up with the idea to go to Ajax. I was actually fine with the idea of going to Ajax since I knew it was plentiful of new Pokémon to catch. Unlike me, Kalen and Nathan were more hesitant than me. We went anyways, I actually thought we would be sitting near a triangle of PokéStops but apparently not.

When we arrived, we started walking along the lake waterfront. We started on one side of the trail. On our walk to the other side, we encountered many Swinub, Eevee, and many other Pokémon. I also managed to take my Facebook and Instagram profile pictures during our walk. When we reached the end of our trail. We turned back and headed to our car.

While we were in Ajax we had lunch there. The restaurant we went to was “Aunt’s Restaurant” (maybe). The food was great, I really like their pizza the best. After our lunch, we also went to the flea market. We needed to go to the flea market because daddy needed to buy a sound cable for our new speaker system. After all the fun we had in Ajax me finally return home.

I like our trip in Ajax, and I hope we can go there again. Overall I mainly like the trip because I manage to catch some new Pokémon and we went to a great restaurant. This was my thoughts on our trip to Ajax.

7/8 Valentine Dance

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Ciani decided to host a Valentine dance to raise money for the grade 8 graduation. I was actually happy that we would raise money for the grade 8 graduation. However, I did not have high hopes for the Valentine dance.

On Tuesday, February 14 we had our grade 7/8 Valentines dance. As I expected the dance was exactly what I thought it would be. Instead of soft relaxing music, there was hard rock, pop, and other kinds of music. It actually didn’t really matter what kind of music the DJ’s were playing because no one was actually dancing. Instead, there was a bunch of grade 7 students jumping in front of the DJ’s. The DJ’s were the same people who were at our previous school dances, like the Halloween dance.

When my class finally arrived at the gym, the dance had already started. Most of the grade 7 classes had already arrived and there were a bunch of pink and red balloons all over the floor. The first thing I did, was meet up with the rest of my friends. Then we sat next to the back wall. The back wall was the only place that was far enough from the brain rattling music. A few minutes later I realize that some of my classmates were starting a game of cards. I went to go check how did the game was progressing. Eventually, the game stopped because they didn’t have a good light source and the music was too loud.

Near the end of the dance, the DJ’s decided to have a limbo contest in the middle of the gym. I didn’t participate because it was too crowded. Most my friends didn’t participate in the limbo contest either. Eventually, the DJ’s realize that the limbo contest wasn’t a good idea. Instead, they started a conga line which I didn’t join either because I didn’t know one started. After the conga line dismantled, one of my friends told me about it.

In the end, the dance was like every single other dance the school has organized for us. Hopefully next time, the dance will be quieter. I thought the dance was all right. Even though the music was loud, I still got to hang out with my friends. Well, this was my thoughts on Redstone’s first Valentines dance.

The History of TV 1930-1940

Last week, I talked about Filo Farnsworth and his idea for TV. This week I will talk about how TV patent changed owners and the race to release TV to the public.

In the 1930’s, Philo Farnsworth just obtained the first TV patent in the USA after many court battles. A patent is like a goverment lisence that grant you exclusive rights to certain invention. Unfortunately, RCA still has their eyes set on the TV patent. RCA tried pressuring Farnsworth for it. Eventually, RCA paid full price for the TV patent. Now that RCA had Farnsworth out of the picture. They put David Sarnoff in charge to continue advancing the TV technology. Fun fact, David Sarnoff is also the inventor of radio.

However, by 1935 Sarnoff still didn’t come up with a good system to transmit TV signals through the airwaves. Now Sarnoff was also facing competition from his rival William S. Paley from CBS. On July 7, 1936, Sarnoff revealed his first broadcast to the press. Sadly, the demonstration didn’t go so well but Sarnoff didn’t give up.

By the late 1930’s, TV still had many problems. Some examples were the hot TV sets, the expensive TV sets, the lack of actors, and the TV signals weren’t that good. Unlike Sarnoff, Paley and CBS was doing better because of their wealth. CBS had no problem hiring actors but they still had some signal problems. Soon RCA caught up with CBS. Finally, at the world fair in 1939, TV was available to the public.

So, that’s the story of how electronic TV came out of its experimental stage. Next week, I will talk about the problems of manufacturing TVs and RCA’s new rival.