BDO Switching Mains

This week, I will be talking about Black Desert Online. A couple of months ago, I made a blog regarding my thoughts of the MMO RPG. However, this time, I will talk about switching characters. Most MMO RPG will let you create multiple characters, and Black Desert Online is no exception. Usually, when a game allows the creation of multiple characters, a player will have a character called their main. Their main, is the character the player usually focuses and spends most of their time on. There can only be one main, leaving the rest of the created characters to be secondary characters or alts.

Back when I first started playing Black Desert Online, I chose a Tamer as my main. Choosing a Tamer for a main, was a fundamental mistake as far as competitive and long-term play. Tamers are known to be hard to play, with few players mastering their erratic play style. The lack of skilled players, leaves the class shunned from guilds and group play. In Black Desert Online, the only endgame is PVP and guild wars. Both of these activities are very competitive and if you have nothing to offer you might as well switch classes. For example, a Wizard would likely be chosen over a Tamer with equal skills because of Wizards focus on CC and AOE while Tamers focus on hit and run tactics. I initially chose the Tamer class because it looked fun. However, this was before I realized the Tamer path was a dead end.

After taking a few months off Black Desert Online, I decided to play again. I decided I wanted a fresh start, so I created a new character that would be my main. After going through the classes one by one, I decided on the Witch class. I have several reasons for choosing such a class. One, Witches and, its male equivalent, Wizards are sought after classes for guilds and group PVP. Being Which will make it easier for me to get into a guild if I decided to play without my friends. Two, no one in my circle of friends went with a range or support class. The lack of range or supports can be annoying when we play as a group. I believe I mentioned it in a previous blog, but I a good party must have a balance of DPS, support, and tanks. However, some of my friends don’t see the advantages of such a strategy, opting for full-on DPS. With the Witch class, I can fill the both ranged and support roles that the party requires. The final and least important reason was seeing if the class was difficult to play. When my friends and I first got the game, we managed to convince Kalen to pick Witch for a support role. Needless to say, he didn’t enjoy the experience and quit soon after. Just like me, however, Kalen came back after a couple months and is now playing Black Knight. With his transition to a DPS/tank, the support role was once again left void. In the end, I picked up the class to hopefully help my friends, but with their current track record of quitting MMOs, I highly doubt that.

Overall, my switch to a new class mainly lays with the fault of my current class and the need of support for balanced play. I don’t hate the Tamer class and I still have my old main. Unfortunately, the social climate in the meta for Tamers isn’t looking so hot. On the other hand, Witches are on the opposite of the spectrum. Most players in the community see the need for skilled Witches and Wizards so a lot of guild seeking them out. In the end, I’m currently having a lot of fun with my new class, and I hope this new character won’t be a repeat of before.

What I’ve made so far in Construction

This week, I will be talking about woodworking projects I’ve been making at school. Since the beginning of this school year, I’ve always said Construction was my favorite subject. I will explain what I’ve built so far, what I intend to do with them, and what I wished I could’ve done better.

So far, I’ve built two projects, and I’m currently working on my third. My first project was a trinket box, the second was a shelf, and when completed my third project will be a toy airplane. Each project has a unique aspect to it. For example, my trinket box has stain on it while my second and third project doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean my other projects are bad because lack a certain something my other projects have. Instead, it just means I put more effort into other aspects of the project (sanding, gluing, assembly, etc). So far the most prominent example of this so far is my second project (the shelf). It lacks stain like my first project and lacks wood variety like my third projects. Rather, I have invested a lot of time making sure the sanding on the outside was amazing. In the end, I think all my projects are equal because they all excel each other in their own way.

As for what I want to do with what I want to do with the finished projects is still up in the air. The only one project currently in used is the shelf, being placed beside the dining room computer. On the other hand, I plan to use projects number one and three as Christmas gifts… I don’t have much use for a trinket box, and I’m sure a child could find more uses in the toy airplane then I could. However, I plan on keeping my final project to myself as a memento. The reason I’m giving away most of my projects is that every time I look at one I think of the could’ve been. There is always something in my projects that I wish I could’ve done better. An example of this is my first projects the trinket box. Although you can’t really see it, there is one spot on the back left unstained. It might not matter to some people, but every time I look at the box, it just eats away at me.

Overall, I’m really happy with my Construction course. It is unfortunate I probably won’t have it again. As fun as it is, I won’t contribute much to tha career I want to pursue. In the end, I look forward to making new projects in Construction.


This week, I will be talking about Halloween and what I did. For the last couple of years, I have stopped going out tricker treating. Instead, I now hand out candy to the kids. The first tricker treater appeared right after dinner which I thought was a bit early. After a few tricker treaters, I had my set up ready. The set up consisting of my laptop, headphones, and my phone. In between visits from ticker treaters, I would open my laptop and continue my little pet project while listening to music. Most of the tricker treaters were very young kids, maybe 5-10. On the other hand, there where that occasional Redstone or Richmond green student. Some notable people who visited were friends like Sammy, Abby, and Aaron. Aaron’s visit was the weirdest because he didn’t come for candy, he came to talk to my brother. During my time of giving out candy I saw a lot of costumes, and I believe some of the better ones where the younger kids. The reason I think this is because they were so cute. At some point during my giving out candy duty, Daddy left to buy a new iPhone case, Aunty Michelle came to visit, and other events occurred. Overall, my Halloween seems uneventful but I still enjoyed it.

Since my Halloween, was so uneventful. I will talk about the history of Halloween and some interesting facts. Halloween started in Britain as a Celtic pagan holiday. Prior to researching, I thought Halloween was so similar to Mexico’s day of the dead there would be a connection. Apparently, I was wrong, and there isn’t any historical connection. However, the reason for celebrating is quite similar. The Celtics believed during the period of Halloween, ghosts of the dead would come and haunt them. The candy part comes from the celts giving the ghosts candy or whatever they had at the time to make the ghost go away. The iconic costumes of today had a use in the original holiday as well. After dark, the Celtics feared the ghosts so they wore masks to hide there identity. After researching, I feel the original Halloween was celebrated out superstitious fear. It makes me question how Halloween became a fun festive celebration it is today. Finally, I will end on an interesting fact. Prior to giving out candy, I mentioned to mommy how we could put turnips outside jokingly. However, I was right in a sense, the first jack’o lantern were made from turnips. I found this quite funny because this meant the books I read in my spare time are somewhat historically accurate.

Overall, I had a fun Halloween. It might not be eventful but fun nonetheless. I enjoyed my time working on the project, giving out candy, and all of the other activities. I also enjoyed looking through articles and researching Halloween. It still makes me laugh thinking about how I got the turnip thing right without any prior research. In the end, I just wish more people came to our house though because now we have a lot of candy left over.