April 23 Van Attack

This week, I will be talking about a tragic attack that happened recently. On April 23, a man drove a van across the western sidewalk of Yonge Street. This attack killed 10 people and injured many more. Five days have passed since the incident, we have learned many things. First, the assailant is a man named Alek Minassian. Second, the police have managed to for a list of all the victims killed. Finally, the police believe to know how the event happened.

The person responsible for all this is Alek Minassian. He is 25 and an anonymous source reports he has no regrets for what he has done. Apart from this, the police have not told the public anything else. I do not know why he would do this. Some people from my school says Alek was mentally unstable. However, I don’t know if this was true. After read multiple articles, I am still unsure of his motive. Even still, I think he has a reason because it would be tragic to learn 10 people died for no reason.

Speaking of the 10 people who died, they have all been identified. 8 of the victims were Canadian. Unfortunately, there were two visitors. One was a Korean college student and the other was a Jordanian citizen. Currently, all of the victim’s families are grieving.

Overall, it is tragic an incident like this had to happen. I wonder if Alek talked about his problems earlier, all of this could have been avoided. In the end, I hope this never happens again so this kind of suffering doesn’t occur.

Preparation For World Of Warcraft

This week, I will be talking about the new game I got. It’s a very popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) called WOW (World Of Warcraft). Warcraft is the most popular MMO on the planet, and it’s been out since 2004. Since I haven’t played it yet, I will give a very general goal of what I want for my character.

I will be starting the game with two friends, Jason and Edward (hopefully). Jason is a veteran player, and Edward is a novice like me. However, since Edward can play on weekdays, he was given a guest pass. During Wednesday, he tried out the classes and other features. Edward being the person he is, chose the class Death-knight a DPS class. Jason was already an experienced Tank and will be sticking with the role. This left only one slot open.

MMO classes can generally be put into three categories DPS, Tank, and Support. Each category has a role to play, and a party can’t function if one is missing (most of the time). DPS classes are damage dealers. Without DPS there might as well be no party. Tanks are also important this is because they are the shield of the group. Tanks generally have more hp and defense, which are essential survival stats. In exchange, they have low attack and agility. The last role is Support, which are the healers or enhancers of the group. Support classes have some of the worst attack stats in the game but, they can heal, revive, and grant buffs to allies. Unfortunately, they are also the most unnecessary role. Supports can’t solo, can’t contribute to DPS, and in short battles healing is not needed. However, if a party wanted to last in a raid, support is crucial.

After thinking it over, I chose a Support class. The other option I had was DPS. There were several reasons I did not choose this route. One I don’t trust other healers, two communication with the tank would shorten with me being healer, and three I have the option of DPS later. Out of all the Support classes Paladins, Preist, Druid, and Shaman I picked the Druid. Druids have a incredible heal over time, this is what separates them from Priests and Shamans. Paladins have a similar heal to Druids, but they are more combat oriented. Druids also have the potential to DPS later. Each class has three skill trees, and the Druid has a DPS, ranged DPS, and a Support skill trees. Once you select one tree, you can’t spend points between trees until level 30. So, after level 30 I can provide minor DPS after level 30.

Normally, I would not play this game. That is because of subscription. Warcraft has a monthly subscription of $15. However, you also pay with in-game currency. This is yet another reason I chose a Support class. Raids are the only way my friends and I could earn enough currency to pay the subscription. Edward and I could ask Jason, who has the currency. However, supporting three characters off one account is not feasible.

In the end, I hope to have a fun experience with WOW. However, the first few weeks will be filled with grinding. This is all in an attempt to dodge the $15 subscription. Overall, I hope we can pull it off and have fun at the same time.

My day off during the OSLT

This week, I will talk about what I did on Tuesday. Normally, I would be going to school. However, that day the grade 10s were doing their OSLTs (an English test) and every other grade got the day off. So, I will talk about what I did that day.

First, I woke up at around 7:30 because I forgot to change my alarm clock. After I woke up and had a glass of water, I went back to bed. I didn’t wake up again until 8:30 and Kalen just got up. Since high school started, I didn’t know when Kalen left for school. Apparently, Kalen left pretty late at around 9am. After daddy, Kalen, and Mommy all left, I was home alone with Darcy. While they were away, I decided to do some studying for my Unit 4 math test. At around 11, I decided to take a break and practice on my instruments.

When mommy came back at around 12:30, we went out for lunch. We ended up eating ramen. After the quick lunch, we went home after some shopping. For the rest of the time, before Kalen came back, I read my book. 30 minutes after Kalen came back, I had to go to my music lessons. After my lessons, I just did my homework. The rest of day was just like any other day.

In the end, I spent most of my day studying and doing school work. During my free breaks, I either read or watch some educational videos on youtube. Overall, I was really glad I got a day off. Unfortunately, this means I will also need to do the OSLT next year.

The Fry

This week, I will talk about a new restaurant we went to. It was a place called The Fry. This restaurant was recommended by auntie Tina for it’s amazing fried chicken.

When mommy, Kalen, and I went on Easter Monday the place was almost empty. After we got the menu we began to order. The first thing I noticed all the fried chicken options. After we realized one order was enough for three people, we ended choosing green onion with sauce.

After we ordered we got these small dishes. One had pickled turnips, one had fried corn, another had a salad, and I can’t remember the last one. Kalen only had the corn, while mommy and I tried everything. Soon the chicken arrived. The chicken was very good but you had to eat with the green onions. Or else it won’t taste good.

After we finished the fried chicken, we were still hungry. So we ordered another fried chicken dish. This time we ordered the original. It was basically just fried chicken. We also ordered it with the bone inside. Last time, we ordered without the bone. Out of the two chicken we had I prefer the original. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish and had two pieces left over.

Overall, I had a great time there. The chicken was the highlight of the meal. It is also the only reason why I would go back. In the end, I had a great time and the meal was great.