Why we should get a Kitten

This blog is meant to point out some reasons to why we should get a cat. Since we might get a cat, I thought I should talk about the advantages of getting a cat. One reason to get a cats is beacause they are silent alarm clocks. The second reason is cats are more independent than dogs, and my third reason is cats are cute.

My first reason to get a kitten is it will wake me up in the morning. Cats are usually active at dusk and dawn. Since the cat will sleep in my room, it will bother me until I wake up. Also if we get a cat it can replace the very annoying alarm clock. Some thoughts on my alarm clock by my family are “it rings non-stop” and “I don’t know” (Kalen’s actual quote). So if we had a cat, we could get rid of the alarm clock. Doing this would let everyone sleep peacefully on the weekends.

My second reason to get a cat is there easier to take care of than dogs. My little brother, Kalen would rather have a dog than a cat. I believe he is wrong though. Cats usually have a height of 23 – 25 cm. Dogs usually have a height of 6.3 – 110 cm, so the biggest dog is four times larger than the biggest cat. Another thing you need to do if you have a dog is walking it. Walking a dog can be bothersome especially if you have a busy schedule. If you have a cat, on the other hand, you won’t need it walk in at all. Also, dogs usually want more attention than cats. You still need to play with a cat but, not as often as a dog. One last thing a cat can do is use the toilet. If you can properly train a cat to use the toilet, you won’t need a litterbox. Overall, cats are more independent and intelligent than dogs.

My third and final reason of why we should get a cat, is to keep us company. Dogs can keep you company but, I think cats do it better. A cat will sit on your lap and won’t bother you unless they want attention. I also believe cats are cuter than dogs. Some dogs are cute like the Corgi however, overall I believe cats are cuter.

Overall, I believe that a cat will help us and is a better option than a dog. A cat can help me become a morning person. A cat is more independent than a dog, and cats are cute. Those are my three reasons why we should get a cat.

Auntie Laura’s and uncle Tyler’s Wedding

During the Easter of 2017, my family and I went to auntie Laura’s and uncle Tyler’s wedding.

The wedding was in Montreal, so we had to leave during good Friday. It took us around seven hours to get to Montreal. I spent most of the time in the car listening to music. When we got there Kalen, Doris, and I went to the basement to play with our electronics. Nothing really happened until tomorrow. The next day, mommy, Kalen, and I decided to go to the local mall for some shopping.

Later that day it was time for the wedding. After a while of getting ready, we got in the car and went downtown where the wedding was being held. The wedding was huge, but there weren’t any windows so it felt very weird. Eventually, we went to the main room where we would have our dinner. Kalen, Doris, and I were separated from mommy and daddy. We were seated at table 11 with some of our other aunts and uncles. We listen to the MC, we saw the newlyweds dance a bit, and then it was time to eat. Since I’m older and a bit taller, I looked like an adult. Since I look like, an adult I got all my food in the first round. Another mistake a waitress made was that she almost poured me a glass of champagne. It was a very awkward situation eventually, she noticed and took my glass away.

Everything went smoothly until the dancing began. The noise was unbearable. It was so loud I could barely hear Kalen talking to me. Eventually, I went outside and sat at a coffee table near the stairs. I probably stayed there for the rest of the wedding. The only times I got up were to go to the washroom and get some McDonald’s from the midnight buffet.

Overall, the wedding was all right. The food was great but I couldn’t stand the noise. I would’ve rated it lower, but the midnight buffet and the McDonald’s saved it. Once again a good wedding and I would rate it 8/10.

Payday 2

Payday 2 is another game my friends got. I got the game last weekend when it was on sale. The goal is to steal money, drugs, and kill a lot of cops. The main reason my friends and I decided to buy the game was because going on heists seemed pretty appealing. In this blog, I will talk about the game and my opinion on the game.

One of the most appealing things about the Payday games is the gameplay. Instead of trying to eliminate the most enemies, in Payday you rob banks. I think it’s really fun to rob a whole bank with a group of friends. My favorite heist is probably the Big Bank heist. It’s longer than some of the other heists but really fun to play with friends. To rob a bank, you go with a stealth or loud approach. I usually prefer loud but stealth is more rewarding. In stealth, you sneak around stealing items without triggering the alarm. Stealth is also really good for hard missions too. For loud you kill the cops, you steal the cash, and you run away.

In addition to robbing banks, malls, and military facilities you can get DLC (Downloadable content). Payday has a lot of DLC, half the weapons are locked if you don’t get DLC. You can get character DLC, heist DLC, and weapon DLC. I myself have gotten some DLC. I got the Gage Mod Courier pack, the Gage Ninja pack, the Cover charter pack, and the Gage Spec Ops pack. However, if you don’t want DLC you don’t need it. The base game comes with some weapons included. An example of a good gun is the CAR-4. It is an overall good weapon and it comes with the game.

I really enjoy Payday 2 so far. For the past few weeks, my friends and I have been going through a lot of games. We even might drop a few to come back to. However, I believe we will be playing a lot of Payday 2. The only problem I have with the game is its limit on weapons. For example, without DLC you only get one sniper rifle. Payday 2 is an overall good game and one, I enjoy with friends.


This week all most all of my friends are jumping on to TERA. TERA is an MMO RPG for the desktop. This week I will talk about what I have done so far and my plans for the game.

At school, my friends and I discussed our classes in the game. In TERA there are 12 classes. Brawler, Gunner, Lancer, Mystic, Ninja, Priest, Slayer, and Sorcerer. Soon we decided that Edward will be a lancer, Jacky will be a berserker or slayer, Reny will be an archer, Andy will be a ninja, Gorden will be a gunner, and I will be a Mystic. We actually only decided on Jacky’s and Reny’s classes because the rest of us already choose our class.

We were all supposed to meet on April 7 at 4:00PM. Unfortunately, I have to do my blog and book report so I probably won’t join them. At school, the plan was to power level everyone to level 20. Power leveling is when everyone joins a party and grinds for levels. Grinding is an RPG term where you kill a lot of mobs fast to get a lot of levels. Once everyone is level 20, we were supposed to separate into two parties. Then we would have conducted a boss raid.

Well, that was the plan. I don’t know what everyone is doing but we probably won’t do it today. Nevertheless, I enjoy the game so far and I hope we do a raid this weekend.