Kalen’s birthday party

On March 25, we celebrated Kalen’s 12 birthday. The party didn’t start until late in the afternoon which was good because I didn’t wake up until 11 pm. Right before the party started, daddy and I went to go pick up the pig. After picking up the cooked pig, I continued to play video games until people arrived.

When most of the guests came we were banned from our computers. So I went downstairs and ate some snacks. While I waited for the rest of the guests to arrive, I ate chips, chocolate almonds, and cocktail shrimp. Later I went upstairs to play cards with Kalen. When we finished our card game, all the guests had arrived. By that time, most of the younger boys including me decided to go downstairs to play Call of Duty.

After a while of playing, it was time for dinner. There was a huge dinner and there was lots of food to choose from. I mainly had curry rice, but I also had some vegetables. After dinner, we continued to play Call of Duty. It wasn’t long until we were called again for cake. There were three cakes. First, there was cheesecake my favorite, then there were was mousse cake, and finally, there was red velvet cake.

Finally, all the kids decided to have a game of hide and seek. The only kids that didn’t participate were the ones in high school. I think my best hiding spot was when I was sitting on the couch in plain sight. I was caught of course, but it took a while for me to get caught. Using that spot, I was the third one to get caught.

Overall, I enjoyed myself at the party. I am also looking forward to Kalen’s next birthday. I am also looking forward to my birthday in July.

My Experience With Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow 6 Siege is a game I bought a few months ago. During that time, I had a wonderful time playing the game. Now, I would like to share my opinions on the game.

Rainbow 6 Siege is a tactical FPS game like Halo, Call Of Duty, CSGO, Half-Life, Bioshock, Quake, Left For Dead, Far Cry, Borderlands, Destiny, Overwatch, and much more. Unlike the mass majority of FPS games, R6S is different. R6S doesn’t want you going in guns blazing and killing all the enemies. Instead, R6S wants you to take a more careful approach. The game usually wants you to communicate, plan, and coordinate attacks with teammates.

Another unique thing about R6S is the operators. In R6S, you don’t create your own character. Instead, you choose one of the 30 special operators. This allows players to create different strategies to capture/defend objectives. In R6S there are two game modes, terrorist hunt and multiplayer. Terrorist hunt is a game mode where you eliminate all the enemies on a map. Meanwhile, multiplayer is the more preferred mode. In multiplayer, players get separated into teams of five. The two team compete for objectives like defuse/defend bomb, team deathmatch, rescue/defend hostage, and secure area. I personally like team deathmatch because it’s the easiest to play.

Along with choosing an operator, you can also customize weapons. Every single operator has four usable weapons. Each weapon can have a foregrip, sight, laser, barrel attachment, and weapon skin. This feature lets the player create their own custom gun. Something else that lets the player personalize their operator is equipping outfits. In the shop, you can purchase hats and outfits with the in-game currency.

Overall, I really enjoy R6S. The play style is very different from other FPS games. In R6S you only need one bullet to kill the enemy. Knowing this makes players play cautiously, it also promotes teamwork. I really like R6S, and I wonder where Ubisoft will take the franchise.

Mount Saint Louis Skiing Trip

On March 16, my family and I went to Mount Saint Louis for a skiing trip.

We had to wake up earlier than normal. We were supposed to wake up at 7 o’clock and leave by eight. However, we didn’t leave until around 9 o’clock. Even leaving at 9 o’clock was still pretty early for me. Since for the past few days, I’ve been waking up around 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

We drove for about an hour until we reach Mount Saint Louis. When we arrived, we had to change into our skiing gear. After around 30 minutes of getting ready we were finally skiing. The first hill we went on is a green hill. We went on to green hill three more times before we went on to a black diamond. A thing that I noticed about the black diamonds, is it was easier than most blue hills at Mont Tremblant.

After around 10 runs we then went back to the lodge to go eat some lunch. We actually didn’t eat any lunch because we decided to eat after skiing. So instead of eating lunch, we ate popcorn, chips, and some onion rings. After our snacks, Kalen and I went back out to ski. Kalen and I went out by ourselves because daddy’s leg hurt. After 10 more runs of green hills and black diamonds, we were done with skiing.

Overall, that was a good day of skiing. We finally managed to get some DPA, since the whole March break we stayed indoor. I also had a lot of fun. I hope I can ski just as much next year.

Tom Graham Arena Complex Skating Trip

On March 10, the grade 7s and 8s went on a skating trip to Tom Graham Arena Complex. This will be the last skating trip the grade 8s will have together.

When I got to school, I notice that around half my class is missing. After the short attendance inside our classes. All the 7 and 8 classes started walking with all our equipment to Tom Graham Arena Complex. We left at around 9:20 and it took us around 10 minutes to get there. Eventually, everyone made it to the arena.

When we arrived, there were some problems before we got on the ice. For example, some of my friends and I had trouble tightening the laces on our skates. None of us had the strength to make the skates really tight. Eventually, Madame Martin had to help us tighten the skates. The skate still wobbled but it was good enough. The first few laps around the rink were fine. I enjoyed chatting with my friends and I saw a few races from people who actually knew how to skate well.

By 10:30 my leg started to ache. I had to take periodic breaks from the arena. From what I saw, my friends were also having some problems as well. By 11 o’clock, it felt like the people on the rink and the people on the benches were switching out every 10 minutes. Even though people were getting off the ice every 10 minutes, we still managed to enjoy a game of tag. I also saw Doris, who is doing better since the last time she skated.

Overall, my time at the Tom Graham Arena Complex was a painful but fun experience. I really enjoyed the games we manage to play on the ice. However, I did not like the experience of having my legs hurting for over an hour. Even with all the ups and downs, I enjoyed my last skating trip at Redstone P.S.

Genius Hour Plan March 4-May 1

This week I will make a plan of the steps I will need to follow from March 4 to May 1.

From March 5 to March 10 I would like to watch multiple dismantling videos. This will make sure I know what I’m doing and help me stay safe from anything dangerous inside the TV. From March 10 to March 12 I would like to ask my family to help me film and possibly disassemble the TV if I can’t do it myself.

From March 13 to 16 I would like to start disassembling the TV. I actually don’t think it will take me four whole days to disassemble the TV. It might take me around two days to completely disassemble the TV not including if I miss any of the days. So the extra two days are just in case if something comes up or if I need more time. Also, the reason why I am doing this during Monday through Thursday is because it will be March break and this is a good opportunity to work on my project.

From March 20 to March 24 I would like to gather some pictures of parts from different times to make a compilation of photos in a slideshow. From March 27 to April 13 I would like to periodically work on my project this includes video editing and take more photos of the parts I have gathered from the TV. Finally, from April 14 to May 1 will include touching up work and fixing up anything I have not completed.

Hopefully, everything goes well. I believe I have given myself enough time to finish this project. Even if I don’t finish some things, I have given myself an ample amount of time of touch up work to hopefully fix any problems. The exact days a touch of work I have is 13 days not including holidays like Good Friday and Easter. Overall I want to do my best in this project and hopefully get a good mark.