Toy Biplane

This week I will be talking about the plane I created in construction tech. I am quite proud of my work and I will explain the process of making it and how I feel about the final project. When I first started the project I initially started with pine wood. However, since our teacher had some stored away, he let us use a variety of other woods to create our toys. Unfortunately, I already constructed the base of my toy plane and I didn’t want to remake it. Instead, I asked the teacher for some maple and oak (I think) to make the wings and other parts that would be glued to the plane. Unlike other projects, I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to stain the plane due to time. The actual process of making the plane was quite enjoyable and easier than I would have thought. The hardest and most annoying part would probably be the circle at the front. The reason for this is because cutting a perfect circle on the band saw is harder than it looks. I ended up with a weird oval shape instead of a circle. But it was made from a hardwood which is more valuable and looks better than pine, so I didn’t want to remake it. However, the most concerning process to me was the gluing. By this point using the power tools and sanding was easy but gluing was still a challenge. Every time I use the glue, there would always be some overspill ruining the project in my opinion. Fortunately, that didn’t happen and I added the polyurethane. However, before I could finish disaster struck when I dropped the plane and its wings came apart. This little mistake probably added one or two days of work. Thankfully I still managed to finish and I’m quite proud of my plane.

Although I’m proud of my plane, I’ll admit its not perfect. Due to all the drops, there are a lot of dent marks. I also would have like to poly the wheels but time wouldn’t allow. I could also probably list a whole bunch of things that I wish I could have done/improve on for this project. But I realize these mistakes are important lessons that I should incorporate into my next project. As for what I want to do with the plane I don’t really know. I initially intended to give it as a Christmas gift, but it turned out way better than I imagined it to. In the end, I’m stuck between whether I should keep it or give it away but I’ll probably come up with an answer soon.

Overall, I like my plane very much and I enjoyed the process of making it. During its creation, I have learned many important lessons I wish to incorporate into my later project. In the end, I happy how the plane turned out and I can’t wait for the next project.

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