Black Friday Gaming Chair Shopping

Recently, I’ve been looking for a new chair. Why? Because my current one is falling apart. Personally, I like to think I spend my money decently well. I keep $1000 dollars worth of savings in my youth account and I try to only shop twice a month at most with a budget of no more than $200. However, this might be one of the few times I might have to thrown my self imposed spending habits out the widow. In this blog, I be talking about my criteria in what I want in a chair and my experience finding one. 

First off, I can’t buy a chair and be happy unless I know what I want. So when I started looking for a chair, I made it a point to narrow down the list to the ones that could support my head and upper back. After much use, my current chair has lost the ability to do the latter and never had the ability to do the former.  What I’m hoping is that this newest purchase will remedy this for at least the next five years. Because of this, my second requirement was something that could last a long time. Finally, my last requirement for a chair was it had to be on sale. It may seem a bit weird to have this as a requirement, but I was shopping on Black Friday, one of the best times of year to get a good deal, so I was hoping to at least save some money. 

I had this list of requirements for a while, since the beginning of November. The reason I had been holding out was because of Black Friday. With my fingers crossed, I really hoped it would increase the amount of value I got for my money. During this period of time, my mom found out about my search for a new chair and offer to pay half of the chair. Honestly I was really grateful as that increased my budget and options two fold. Prior to this, I only allocated a maximum of $150 to buying a new chair. Now, I could look at chairs ranging from $200-$300! 

With my budget set, I began my search for a chair on the eve of Black Friday. In my mind, there were two types of chair I was looking at. The first was gaming chairs and the second was executive chairs. Both of these options would be able to support my head and would last a long time with their solid construction. In the end, the deciding factor for me was the sale aspect. During my search, I have come to realize that executive chairs never go on sale… Even with Black Friday around the corner, I struggled to find a decent quality chair with more than $50 dollars off that fitted within my requirements. Eventually, I threw in the towel and focused my search exclusively on gaming chairs. Narrowing down my list further I decided to wait for Black Friday for possibly more options, that turned out to be a mistake. 

The next day, I woke up to find my first budget option was no longer available for sale. I guess I couldn’t be too upset though, early bird get the worm after all. I thought just because my first option was taken, that didn’t mean there weren’t any other good deals. However the longer I looked on Amazon, the more discouraged I became. Almost nothing was on sale! It was Black Friday and there were only maybe three gaming chair on sale. Eventually, I looked at Staples and Costco’s websites. There options were good… But nothing was on sale and out of my budget. With only a few hours remaining, I found myself browsing Canada Computer’s website. They had a wide selection and plenty sales… But they were out of my budget. This made me realize, I had to make a decision. Spend a bit more and get a quality chair or go cheap with Amazon. 

With a heavy heart, I made the decision to go for a more expensive chair. I knew it would hurt my wallet now, but it would be better than having a cheap chair break on me. With my decision set in stone, I began looking at my options. Finally, I decided on the Corsair T2 Road Warrior. It could support my head and would definitely last a while. The only problem was the price… With tax it definitely went over my budget. Even with my parents paying half, it would still cost $212! I had already decided to scrap my idea of buying the games I wanted to increase my budget for the chair. However, not even that seemed to work. After much deliberation, I decided to get it. 

In the end, what did I learn? Well for one, Black Friday isn’t the massive shopping spree I envisioned it being. Two, if you want something keep an eye on it. And finally, never underestimate the price of chairs, those things are expensive. Do I regret the experience? No, I needed a new chair and I rather have a quality one over a cheap one. Still, I hope I won’t have to bend my spending habits for quite a while. 

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