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Since my 16th birthday, I’ve started taking driving lessons. So, in this blog, I would like to share my experience driving. 

During my first time driving, I was actually really nervous. Throughout the first day, the instructor continuously told me to speed up, which is something he still does to this day. To this day, I always thought people should stay under the speed limit, but apparently that doesn’t really happen. Another reason I like to take it slow is the accelerator. I’ve gotten better at using it but I never expected it to be so touchy. Overall, I prefer to stay under the speed limit by around 5km/h. 

Next, I want to talk about the screw ups I’ve had so far. Personally, I like to think I don’t have that many mistakes. However, I won’t deny I’ve had them. The first one, happened at a four way stop sign. This was my first time at one of these stop sign and it was my first time driving, so I nervous. After check no one was in the way I proceeded like normal, but then a red car, came into view on my left. Honestly, I kind of froze up and almost pressed the brakes. Thankfully, that was avoided because the red car did what it was supposed to do and stopped, but the experience was still kind of scary. 

The next memory I want to talk about, is my first encounter with jaywalkers. I think this happened during my second time driving. That day because of when the lesson started, it was around rush hour. Since I was really inexperience my instructor had me stay away from the main roads. However, when we were heading home, we had to pass one major intersection. On this road is where the two jaywalker incidents happened. The first wasn’t so bad. It was just before the major road and there weren’t any other cars other than me. The second time was much more scary. I was driving through the major intersection, the light was green, and some guy decided it was a great time to cross. In the moment, I really wanted to slam the brakes, but I also really didn’t want to cause an accident with the cars behind me. In the end, I slowed down a bit and the instructor honked the horn. 

The last incident I want to talk about happened rather recently. There isn’t any real story behind this one. I was just really rusty since I hadn’t driven since summer and the instructor to make tighter turns. In the end, the tire hit the curb. I guess it taught me to be more aware of my surroundings. 

In the end, there isn’t much to talk about besides the incidents, and there aren’t many of those to begin with. Overall, I find driving can be fun if done safely. I still can’t handle the really busy crowded roads but I feel like I soon can. My next lesson is tomorrow and I wonder hit I’ll learn next. 

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  1. Driving below the speed limit can also be unsafe because other drivers behind you will feel like you are an obstacle and feel the need to pass, which causes more change in traffic. These changes can increase the risk of accidents. You need to be either at speed limit or a bit over like 5kph over. Driving too slowly can also cause you to fail the driving test.

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