My Second Semester Classes

In a previous blog, I talked about my first semester of grade 11 and how I felt about my current courses. However, in that blog I only covered my first semester. This time around, I would like to talk how I feel about my future second semester courses. 

First up is Media Arts, I believe I talked about why I picked this course in a previous blog. However, if you haven’t read that blog, I chose it because I had a lot of fun in it’s grade 10 variant. It also helps that I potentially would like a career related to Media Arts. As for how I feel about it, I feel pretty great. Unlike last semester, where I didn’t get any of the courses I really wanted or had to take out of obligation, I’m quite happy I got this class. As for hopes, I really hope we continue to use photoshop and other software similar to it. Nevertheless, I’m just happy I got the course and I look forward to taking it. 

Next is English, a course I don’t really mind taking. Even though it’s a mandatory course, I don’t have a dreading feeling about taking it. Through out my two previous high school year, English is the only mandatory course I’ve consistently done well in. It also helps that, I usually enjoy what we’re currently learning. The only times I can think of where I wasn’t particularly interested in the material, was probably when we were reading the mandatory novels. However, that’s just because the books chosen aren’t the ones I normally read so it’s a weird change of pace. As far as new material goes, there seems to be a unit focused on comics. In the end, I look forward to what we will learn. 

Now I’ll be talking about the only course I’ve been dreading of taking, Chemistry. Like Physics, it’s one of the three science courses. As for why I’m taking it, most of the good programs usually need two science courses, usually Chemistry and Physics. Therefore, the reason for me choosing this course isn’t because I think I’ll enjoy it like all my other courses. Instead, I basically need the course credit if I want to get anywhere in life. 

The last course of my second semester, is a course I didn’t actually choose. The course in question being Tech Design. However, I’m quite interested in it as one of my friends took the course before. It also helps that one of my previous teachers will be teaching the course. Basically, the premise of the course is using a software like CAD to create designs for structures. In grade 9 my friend made a cardboard chair, so our projects might be similar to that. Similar in the sense, that the course won’t be as focused on building. Instead, I think we’ll be focusing on the design aspect of our creations. Nevertheless, I think I’ll find the course interesting. The only thing I’m worried about is the technical drawings, because I had a bit of trouble with them last year. 

Overall, I’m looking forward to my next semester. With three classes I like, it will give me an opportunity to focus on Chemistry. All in all, I hope I do well next semester. 

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