Grade 11 Semester 1

September is now here, and that mean school is now in full swing. Normally, I would have done a blog about my courses prior to school, just so I could share my opinion about the courses I’ve been given. Unfortunately, the school decided to withhold this information until the last week of summer. And don’t even get me started on our second semester courses, we didn’t even get those until school actually started. Anyhow what’s done is done, so let me share with you what courses I’ve been given this semester and how I feel about them. 

My first period, is Computer Engineering or TEI. When I say engineering, it just means we’ll be playing around with breadboards, arduinos, and how these two interact with each other. Unlike ICS which is pure coding, TEI is more like working with physical electronics and some code mixed in. So far in our first week, we’ve just been learning about all the components we’ll be using and how to theoretically but them on a breadboard. Well, technically it’s a refresher for some people because this is stuff you would have learned in previous engineering courses. As for what I think about the course? I think it’s pretty bland right now, but I’m certain it going to get better. It also helps that I’ve also heard a lot of good things about our teacher. When we get to the breadboards, I’m sure the course will get much better. 

Unfortunately I’m not as enthusiastic about my second period, Physics. So far our work hasn’t been that hard and I understand all of the things we’ve been doing so far. However, Physics has a reputation for being ridiculously hard. In our first week, we’ve only been looking at graphs and how those graphs relate a person is moving. In addition, our teacher also told us about future projects that look pretty fun. Suffice to say, Physics is pretty intimidating, but I hope to do well in the course. 

Just like my second period, I hold the same level of enthusiasm for my third period, Math. I don’t really now what to talk about because, well, it’s math. So far we’ve just been refreshing over things we’ve done in grade 10, primarily factoring. Besides refreshing, we’ve also been doing a lot of getting to know you activities. In the end, I just want to do better than my previous years and with the help of a tutor this year around I hope that goal comes true. 

Finally, my last period is ICS or Introduction to Computer Science. Like I said above, this course is pure coding, no electronics. Last year, I heard they were using Python but now this year the school is switching back to C#. What does that mean? Well, I not technically behind in terms of knowledge. I took a previous ICS course in grade 9 when C# was still the focus. Then I didn’t take any course in grade 10 where they did Python. So now that we’re back to using C# I could be consider quite lucky. Hopefully, this year will just be as fun as my year in grade 9. 

So that’s all of my course in grade 10. As you can see, I have a fairly balanced schedule this time around something I’m happy for. I’m looking forward to TEI and ICS while I hope I do well in the other two subjects. Overall, I very happy with my courses this time around. 

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