New Laptop

Recently, my old laptop has been replaced. So in this blog, I decided to describe how my experience has been with so far, what I normally use it for, and the changes I don’t really like. 

To start off, my experience with the laptop has been fairly well. Right now, during summer break, I’ve primarily been using it to consume media and write these blogs. However, I have also been using this laptop to do my Blender practice. Previously, renders would take around five minutes. Now, those renders feel much faster. However, there is one strange thing that has been catching my eye. Sometimes a small black bar will appear on the left side of my screen for no apparent reason. It does partially bother me or affect me because it last only maybe two seconds, but it’s still weird. Aside from that little annoyance, my experience has been pretty good so far. Some of the new additions I personally fond of is the speakers and the clearer screen. Now it feels like the sound is coming from the laptop and not underneath the keyboard. I also appreciate the cleaner screen, but maybe that’s just because it’s new and hopefully it stays that way. 

Sadly, there are more than a few personal changes I don’t particularly like. For example, the keys are really low. Unlike my last laptop, it feels like you’re practically typing on nothing. It can sometimes get annoying especially when I’m typing something or when I want to play a quick game of Tetris. However, I’m sure I’ll eventually get use to the new feel. Another change I don’t really like is the touch bar, although this is me just being use to it. It’s really cool, it’s just I’m not use to switching between all the different layouts. For example, I usually use the layout with the fast forward and pause button. The reason for this is because this layout is the most similar to my previous laptop. However, the problem with this is that now I’m missing the the escape button. Like the keyboard, I think I’ll eventually get use to it, but I still kind of miss my old layout. The last change I don’t really like, is the fact it only has one USB C if you don’t count the charger. Even with my last laptop, I found the lack of USB port annoying. An example of this is when I had to transfer data from one USB to another. I also don’t particularly like the idea of having to carry a dongle around. However, I guess it’s going to happen eventually with the way technology is progressing, so better start getting use to it now. 

Overall, I really do like my new laptop. Aside from typing on the keyboard, everything I do is faster now. Now, my laptop doesn’t take forever to load websites. It really makes a big difference, because now it doesn’t feel like your wasting time. By the start of school, I hope I’ll be ready to use this laptop to the best of my ability.

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