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Recently, I’ve been thinking about starting a game of Pokemon Pearl. Prior to actually playing, I thought it would be interesting to plan out my party before hand. Before I start, I would like to note this is not the best team one could achieve. The Pokemon listed below are simply the ones I would choose. 

The first Pokemon I get to choose is my starter. Between the three Pokemon, I would choose Chimchar, the fire starter. There are several reasons for this. Although, the grass starter is my favourite, the selection of fire Pokemon in Pearl is really poor. If you don’t choose Chimchar, your likely ending up with a Ponyta on your team. There is also the fact Chimchar can basically take on the first two gyms single handedly if done correctly. The reason for this, is if you’ve been training Chimchar correctly, it should be close to evolving. When it does, it immediately gains a type advantage against the first gym and the move it learns has priority. Combine this with the fact your Chimchar, now Monferno is over levelled, you’re probably going to be knocking out everything with one hit. 

The next Pokemon I would pick up would be a Shinx, and it can be obtained right after you get your starter. Again, the reason for this is because of the lack of electric Pokemon in Pearl. For the first few gyms, your Shinx likely wound’t be doing anything. In fact, if I had to choose a pokemon to swap out, it would likely be this one. However, this Pokemon is a wonderful asset against any flying and water trainers. 

Next, I would catch myself a Beduw. You can get one by taking a slight detour north from the first city you enter. If your Chimchar hasn’t evolved by then, this Pokemon can sweep the entire first gym. The reason I choose this Pokemon out of all the other grass Pokemon, is because of it’s dual grass and poison typing. Its deadly drains and ability to inflict status is a useful tool through your journey. 

The third Pokemon I would ideally pickup would be Drifloon from the Valley Windworks, which is on your way to the second gym. The reason I picked this flying type up instead of the earlier regional bird, is because it’s way more versatile. I also needed a flying type for the up coming gym. 

After getting the first four Pokemon, I’m likely not going to catch anything for a while. The reason for this is because my next party member would be Feebas, from Mt. Coronet. Honestly, this is one of the weakest Pokemon in the game and I’m only catching it so I can evolve it. It’s evolved form is Milotic, and it is amazing. There is a reason I held off catching any water types until now. Its stab Hydro Pump is ultra deadly, and can basically take on one of the elite four members by its self. 

The final party member is Gible. In reality, you probably have access to its spawn location early on. You just can’t access it until you obtain the HM Strength. The reasons for wanting one are pretty obvious, it is a dragon pseudo legendary. This Pokemon is literally the reason why Cynthia is famed as the hardest champion to beat to this day. Granted, by this point in the game you will need a lot of grinding, but it will be worth it. 

In the end, this team will likely be similar to many other ideal teams. The reason for this is because the selection of Pokemon isn’t as diverse as other teams. I mean, a little under half my Pokemon are chosen under the premise of covering for rare types in Shino. However, I don’t dislike any of these Pokemon, and I look forward to seeing if I can actually achieve this team in game. 

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