The Division

The Division is a third-person MMO shooter created by Ubisoft. In this blog, I will be talking about my opinion on The Division.

The most interesting thing about this game is that it is the only MMO shooter on the PC (until Destiny 2 comes out). The biggest problem with the game is with all the bugs and glitches. However, from my short 2-days of experience I have not encountered any problems yet. I believe that this game has ruined its reputation because of it’s bugs and poor launch. Thankfully, the game has been making a comeback ever since patch 1.6.

The gameplay of the division is alright. It has a variety of weapons, but it lacks end game content. Some other problems to point out is that the character customization is horrible. All the enemies are bullet-sponges and there are a lot of hackers. However, these problems have been become less and less of a problem with patches.

Overall the Division is a good game. However, the bugs ruin the PvE while the hackers ruin the PvP. I believe the Division can become a good game with a bit of tweaking. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t buy it unless it was on sale. If you like MMOs and shooters this can become a great game for you.

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