A Three Week Long March Break

Next Monday will be the start of March break and for the following two weeks, there will also be no school. So far, my class’ teachers still haven’t said much about how the curriculum will change, but most students at my school seem pretty happy about not having to go to school. This week, I’ll be writing about my thoughts on the extended break.

The cause for the closing of the schools after the break was due to the COVID-19 virus. For the past couple of days, the school had made announcements about making sure people are keeping their hands clean, but it was only until last Thursday after school that the school closures were announced. By the time everyone went to school on Friday, none of the teachers really knew what was going to happen during the two weeks following the actual March break. The only thing that they said they’d do is to make sure to post updates online if anything new comes up, but so far the only thing I’ve seen posted is that one of my English assignments has been postponed for the week back. To me, this doesn’t really make sense because 100% of the assignment can be done online. Though, I don’t mind having the extra time.

In terms of what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks, I think my friends and I will probably be playing video games for the most part. We don’t really go outside to hang out too much in the first place, so it’s pretty much just an extended break. I’ll also most likely end up watching a lot of Youtube and Anime. However, I still do have some school things to complete although it isn’t much.

There have been talks of online teaching taking place, though, I can’t really see it being used effectively. Especially since it could be hard to make students participate in lessons while they’re at home. Even inside a physical classroom there are some students that don’t really take their work seriously, and I can see how some of them would choose not to participate in the online teaching. However, even if online teaching was put into effect, I don’t really think I’d mind too much.

Overall, I think that the extended March break won’t really end up being too interesting. Maybe there will be the possibility of online teaching, but I can’t really see it happening realistically. Most of my time during the break will end up not doing anything very productive anyways.

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