What I’ve Been Doing So Far This Summer

Besides playing video games and going to the cottage this summer, my mom, brother and I have been going to different restaurants each day for lunch to try out. So far we’ve been to Koi Sakana which is a ramen house, Bali Restaurant which serves a lot of different things, Made In Hong Kong Hot Pot which is like a Hong Kong cafe with hot pot, and this Korean tofu place which I forgot the name of.

The ramen house had some good stuff like pork cutlet, octopus balls, and obviously ramen. When we went there for the first time I got their bacon and cheese ramen which had bacon, cheese, a piece of chashu which is basically pork belly, some green onions, an egg, and the ramen noodles. The ramen was really good and my brother and mom both enjoyed what they ordered too.

Bali Restaurant was a place that was recommended to us by my mom’s friend who we went to eat there with. They served a variety of things at the restaurant like curry, chicken and pork with rice, salad, and some other things. When we ate there I ordered the pork chop with rice which was good, but the sauce that it came with didn’t taste that great to me. My brother ordered this really spicy curry and I don’t really remember what my mom ordered when we went there.

We were walking around a plaza with a bunch of different restaurants and one day and we decided to eat at this place called Made In China Hot Pot. Although the name of the restaurant had “Hot Pot” in it, we didn’t actually have hot pot and instead ate what they had there besides hot pot. I had a bacon and egg sandwich with fries, my brother got beef with rice on a sizzling platter, and my mom had the house special pork meat ball rice noodle soup.

After our optometrist appointment, we went to this Korean tofu restaurant that was next door and tried it out. While we were there I had rice and beef on a sizzling platter and my brother and mom shared a seafood pizza and a large bowl of soup.

We are still probably going to go try some more different restaurants, but so far those are the few new restaurants we’ve been to. I enjoyed most of the restaurants we’ve tried and it was also fun to try different restaurants around the neighborhood. We also went to this place that had bubble tea which was Tea Shop 168 which had really good bubble tea. Even though it wasn’t a restaurant it was still really good.

Montreal Wedding

Two weeks ago my mom, dad, brother, and I went to Montreal for our uncle and auntie’s wedding. Since we were only going to Montreal for the wedding we only stayed for two nights. We left our house on Friday and went to our grandparent’s apartments to pick them up since they were also coming with us to the wedding. We stayed in the car for a while and stopped once at a service station to eat some lunch. We got to the house we were going to be staying at a few hours before dinner. For dinner, we had a lot of different food like curry, rice, beef, and some other things. A while after dinner my brother and I played some games on the PS4 with our uncles for a few hours and then we took a shower, brushed our teeth, set up our bed sheets on the couches in the basement, and then went to sleep.

The next day was the wedding day and in the morning we were supposed to go to church, but my brother and I didn’t want to go so we got to stay in the basement playing games and watching videos until it was time to go to the wedding. We went to a restaurant we’ve gone to before for the dinner and it was pretty normal with a lot of seafood. After a while, there were desserts, so my brother and I got some more stuff to eat. Since we were going to be there for a while I decided to bring a deck of cards with me because I knew I was gonna get bored. I played some card games with my brother and mom until it was time to leave. We got back to the house before everyone else, so all the doors were locked. We had to wait for the house owners to come back from the wedding to get inside. When we got back, I went to the basement and just watched a bunch of videos. A few hours later I got a bit hungry, so my brother and I got to eat some chicken nuggets as late night snacks. We went to bed pretty late considering we were leaving the next day.

The day we were leaving we packed our stuff and went outside for a family picture and then put everything into our car and started going home. Since we ate lunch before we left we only stopped once for a washroom break. Instead of going home, we went to a restaurant for dinner. When we finished dinner we dropped off our uncle at the transit station who came back with us from Montreal. Then, we dropped off our grandparents at their apartment, and then we went home.

Overall, I had some fun staying at the house and getting to play games and watch videos. The wedding was okay, but it wasn’t exactly entertaining.


CBC News Article

This week I will be reviewing an article from CBC News. I will be reviewing this article, http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-speech-governors-meeting-pence-1.4205000 which is about Justin Trudeau, NAFTA, and some U.S. governors. In the article, they talked about how Washington is planning to change NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which is an organization that contributes to trade between the three North American countries which are Canada the U.S. and Mexico. They also talk about Justin Trudeau trying to convince governors not to change NAFTA.

The article talks about how many U.S. jobs depend on trade between the three countries associated with NAFTA and how Canada is a major trading partner with the U.S. and if there is a change in NAFTA then trading between the two countries can also change. NAFTA has increased jobs between the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA has also allowed things like prices on food and taxes on specific items to be lowered so consumers don’t have to pay as much for something like a piece of fruit.

In the article, they also talk about how NAFTA isn’t perfect, but despite that NAFTA still does benefit trade between all three of the countries associated with NAFTA. They also mentioned Justin Trudeau having meetings with certain governors and how one governor said that what Trump said about NAFTA was only one of his negation tactics and that he only wants is a renewed deal that is fair to all sides.

Overall, a “number” of U.S. governors supported continued trade relations with Canada.

Cottage Trip

This week my mom, brother, my friend, and I went up to our grandpa’s cottage for three nights. While we were there we did things like fishing, go karting, and things like that.

When we got to the cottage on Monday we unpacked most of our things and then started to set up the hammock we stored in the basement from last year and helped move one of the kayaks that was also in the basement. We did a little bit of fishing using some old rods with some fishing line, a hook, and some worms as bait to catch some fish inside the boat house and near the dock. We didn’t catch too many fish, but we still caught a few. Later, I lounged around a bit on the couch and then we decided to go fishing out on the boat before we had dinner. A few months earlier my mom and I went to Bass Pro Shops and while we were there we bought some fake lures. I attached the lure that I got which was a spoon lure with two hooks at the end, but I didn’t catch anything that night. Then, we headed back to the cottage and had dinner which was rice, beef, fish, and bok choy. Later that night, my friend, brother, and I watched some Top Gear using the HooToo network that we brought along that had some movies and TV series that we could watch. After that, we set up our air mattresses and went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up a bit early to go fishing. I tried using the fake lure again and that time I caught one fish which was a Perch. The others caught some fish as well and got some people also caught some Bass. When we got back we tried going to Pizza Palace which was a local pizza place near the cottage, but it turns out they were closed that day so we went to a buffet which was also nearby and we ate there and it was pretty good. The buffet didn’t have too many different items there even though it said on a sign that was outside that there were “Over 100 different items” however it didn’t seem like there were over 100 different items. Originally we were planning to go go-karting that day, but we ended up deciding to go the next day. When we got back from eating we tested out the new arrow nooks that our dad had 3D printed using his new 3D printer and they worked all right. I shot a few arrows at a new styrofoam board that we brought. We then figured out you could also throw the arrows if you really wanted to so that was also fun to do. We ended up playing Hide and Seek on the decently sized property which was fun. We went fishing again that night as well, but I didn’t catch anything with the fake lure. That night we also stayed up watching TV shows before we went to sleep.

Most of us slept in the next morning and decided not to go fishing, so when we woke up we decided to go go-karting after eating breakfast. The go karting was fun, but the track was kind of rough and there was still one bump on the track that was there from last year and years before. After go-karting, we had lunch at Pizza Palace where we had some pizza, onion rings, and ice cream floats. After eating we went to Walmart and I got some Pringles, cards, and some erasable pens. When we got back to the cottage we played some card games and then went fishing. This time when we went fishing I used a different lure and I got two fish this time which was better than one or none. I didn’t catch any bass though although the others caught some bass. When we got back we watch a lot of shows and had some snacks before we went to bed.

Today was the day we went back and we started packing in the morning by deflating our air mattresses and packing up chargers and the HooToo network and generally packed everything into the car. We stopped for lunch pretty close to my grandpa’s house at a local restaurant and I had some french toast which was good. We got back at around two o’ clock and got to bring in the bags.

Overall, I had a good time at the cottage and had a lot of fun with my brother and friend doing some random activites at the cottage and also fishing. My brother got to pilot the boat for the first time while he was there which was also fun to watch. If I get the chance I would go back again later this Summer.