January 2017 Winter Elective

Last Tuesday my school had our winter electives which were different activities we could choose online before hand. I chose to go skiing with a few of my other friends. Since I chose to go skiing, I had to wake up early because the ski resort is farther away than the rest of the electives. The bus ride was very loud, but it only took around an hour to get to the resort. When we arrived at Snow Valley (The place where we skied), I went up to the chalet to meet my mom and dad. I put on all of my ski equipment and then went outside to put on my skis. I took the stripe test to see which hills I could go on. The test is basically going down on a small hill and showing the ski resort how well you can turn and stop. I got a green stripe which meant I could only go on the green hills, but later I did a blue stripe test at 12:30pm and got my blue stripe, which meant I can go on both green and blue hills. Most of my friends were taking lessons so I mostly skied by myself, my brother, and my dad. I went back inside at around 1:20pm to pack my things up to get ready to go on the bus. We took the same bus back to the school. We arrived at the school at around when school ended (3:30pm). Overall I had a good time, but if I got to ski with my friends it would’ve been a better experience.

School Movie Day

Today the whole school watched a movie either in their classrooms or in the gym. The reason we got to watch a movie today is because earlier in the school year we raised money for the school and if we reached a certain amount of money we would get a reward like extended recess or a movie. Some classes watched a movie in their own classrooms, but most people went down to the gym in the afternoon at 2:00 to watch their movie. My class went down to the gym and watched the movie in the gym. The movie we watched was the Minions movie which I have watched before so it wasn’t very interesting. We also had to sit on the floor for the entire movie so it was also uncomfortable. The movie was alright since I’ve seen it before, but there were some weird Korean subtitles at the top. After the movie, all of the classes followed their teachers out of the gym. Most of my class went to the French room to see our marks from the last quiz we completed. After I saw my mark on the quiz (95%) I packed up all my things into my bag and exited the school.

Computer Mouse

I have recently been wanting to get a new mouse specifically a wired one with more than five buttons. The reason why is because the mouse I am using right now is wireless so I have to change the batteries quite a lot. It also has five buttons which are more than the standard three, but in games, I use both of them. I would also like to have more buttons to swap to different items instead of having to reach a different key on the keyboard. I decided I want do get the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum because it has eleven buttons which are more than double of what I have right now, it is also a wired mouse with a weight tuning set if I want to change the weight of the mouse. The optical sensor is also supposedly really good as well since the mouse is designed for gaming. The mouse also includes an infinite scroll button which allows the scroll wheel to scroll freely when you scroll so you don’t have to manually scroll. RGB lighting is also included in the mouse so I can change the colour of the mouse if I wanted to.

I will most likely get this mouse soon and my reasons are listed above.

New Graphics Card

In the past week, I received my new graphics card which was an EVGA GTX 1060 SC. It cost $334.99 without tax. The card was able to improve my frames per second on all of my games and improve the graphics quality at the same time. In Counter Strike Global Offensive I can get between 200 – 250 frames per second at maximum graphics settings. In Rust a much more graphic intensive game I can run it at usually 60 frames per second, but sometimes it can drop to around 40. In Rainbow Six Siege I can also get an average of 60 frames per second on most maps but on some maps like Favelas one of the newer ones I only get around 40 frames.

Overall I am happy with my purchase because I can now play all of my games at maximum settings and still get playable frames per second. I would recommend this GPU to someone if you are looking for a graphics card that is good but aren’t looking to play too many high-end games.