Sony PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality)

While on our holiday vacation to Montreal our uncles had a Sony PlayStation VR headset which allows you to feel like you are part of the game you are playing like the DBoxes in movie theaters that have moving chairs and 3D glasses. Most of the games they had though were horror games. I tried one, but when I played or watch people play for a long time I got a little dizzy. The most fun part about the VR was probably watching uncle Danny play the VR because when he played the horror games his reactions were really funny. Whenever he played uncle Chris had to go behind the chair to make sure uncle Danny didn’t fall off or break the chair he was sitting in. The VR was a pretty cool experience, but I wouldn’t spend my own money getting one after I experienced it although it was cool I most likely wouldn’t use it too much since I get dizzy after a while. I also wouldn’t spend the money getting the PlayStation at all because I don’t like to play on consoles to often since I have my gaming PC now. Overall I had a good time being around the PlayStation VR, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who might get dizzy playing with it.

Party At Auntie Tina’s House

Last night my family and I went to Auntie Tina’s house for dinner. We brought some cookies as a Christmas present. When I got there I just sat on the couch until Nathan came. Nathan brought his new gaming laptop with him so I just watched Nathan play some games until we had to eat dinner.

We had pasta with chicken, salmon on cucumber, salad, chicken wings, and some other foods. Since I didn’t really like most of the things available, I ate mostly the pasta and some chicken wings. The pasta was really good though with all of the chicken mixed into it. The chicken wings tasted like normal wings that mommy would make just with a different sauce.

After dinner, I went back down to the basement with Nathan and watched him play some more games. Then he let me play some games for a while, but then I just started playing monkey in the middle with a ball in the basement.

Soon after, we had desert which was tiramisu, chocolate lasagna, and other things that I don’t remember. I also didn’t eat most of the desserts so I had the chocolate lasagna which was crushed Oreos at the bottom and Cool Whip and some sort of chocolate cream with the Cool Whip.

Overall I had a good time there the only thing that I didn’t really like was some of the foods, since I didn’t eat most of them.


This weekend my family and I went over to our neighbor’s house to have a party. I knew most of the people so when I got there I went down to their basement with my brother and my friend Nathan. We mostly played Minecraft on our handheld devices until dinner. When we heard that it was time to eat we all went upstairs. There were a lot of things to eat, but I mostly ate curry chicken with potatoes and rice. The curry was really good and I would have it again. Once we finished eating my brother, Nathan, Nathan’s friend Ryan and I went back to our house. There we played games on the Xbox 360. We played Rock Band, Halo, and some other games. After playing for a while we went back to Nathan’s house and played some more games on our devices in the basement. Eventually, some people started to leave, so soon I went back home and said goodbye.

Overall I had a good time, but I still don’t know exactly why we had the party in the first place.

PC Build

This weekend I built my own gaming PC with the help of my Dad.

I have already made a post about the computer and the parts before if you want to look at them. I wanted to build the computer so I could play some PC exclusive games and also get better FPS (Frames Per Second) First I decided to install the CPU chip into the motherboard along with the CPU cooler. After installing the CPU chip and taking the CPU cooler out, I accidentally smudged some of the thermal paste when picking it up. Luckily I didn’t smudge too much of the paste. After, we install the RAM (Random Access Memory) Installing the RAM was pretty easy. We just had to open the two slots then firmly pushed the RAM sticks in. Although this was easy we had trouble starting up the PC and found out I didn’t seat one of the RAM sticks properly. After we installed the RAM, we put in the power supply which was also easy. We just pushed the power supply into a slot in the case and then screwed it into place. After the power supply, we installed the motherboard to the case which took a while. Once we did that, we installed the hard drive. We had to fiddle with it for a while, but eventually we got it to fit inside the drive cage. After that, we wired all of the parts to the motherboard. We then installed Windows 10 and we had finished the computer.

Now I can play my games with more FPS and some other games I couldn’t previously play on my Mac Mini.


This weekend I tried out animation using a free animation software called Pencil2D.

Since I haven’t done animating before, I just started animating black and white stick figures. The hardest part I found when animating the stick figures was making them walk. When I try to make them walk, it doesn’t really look too good, because it is in 2D. When I move one leg for one step and the other leg for the other step, it still looked like the same leg is moving forwards every time. The same thing applies to when I try and make the stick figures run. However, when I make a character fly across the screen I found spacing the images of the character farther apart looked better than putting them close together.

So far, I have only made 2 animations. My first one was very short. My other one was a bit longer. Both of my animations are under a minute long but I spent more than an hour to create my second one. I will keep on trying to make longer animations though.