Ajax Day Trip

Last weekend my family and I went to Ajax the day before Family Day. The first thing we did at Ajax when we got there was to go to this waterfront where we played some Pokémon Go while walking. I didn’t play too much Pokémon Go. Along the way, to the end of the trail we found a dead bird. We also took a few pictures by the waterfront and when we got to the end of the trail we turned back around to go to the parking lot where we parked the car.

After walking the trail, we went to this restaurant where we ate poutine, onion rings, pizza, and some pasta. We stayed there for a while and then went to a nearby flea market. The flea market had a lot of shops that sold the same things like knives. My dad found an audio department there and got some audio cables for some new speakers that he got.

After we got back I played some video games with my friend. Overall the Ajax trip was cool, but the best part of the trip was probably the restaurant.


School Valentines Dance

This week we had a Valentines Day dance at my school. The dance was held in the gym and we had to pay to go because it was a fundraiser where all the money collected went towards the Grade 8’s graduation.

The actual dance wasn’t very exciting however since the dancing was just people jumping around and the music was way too loud to hear anything else. After a while, the music got really annoying and I just went to the back of the gym and talked with a few of my friends.

Later, everyone made a big circle where people could take turns dancing in the middle, so I just watched some people dance. After the circle, everyone formed a conga line which I eventually got into and then I went back to talking to my friends by the back of the gym.

Overall I most likely wouldn’t want to go again since it was boring and the music was way too loud.

Mont Tremblant Ski Trip

Last weekend my family and I went on a ski trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec to go skiing. After school last Thursday, I packed my last few things and got in the car. The car ride was long, but it wasn’t as long as the trip to PEI. We stopped two times on the trip, the first was a bathroom break and the second was to stop at McDonald’s for dinner.

The house we stayed at though was really nice. It had four floors and I got to stay on the top floor with a PS4 and a large couch. The day after we got there we went skiing. The skiing conditions were alright but the trees at the top were covered in snow and it looked really nice. The second day we went skiing again, but it was snowing, windy, and colder than the first day. I liked the first day of skiing better. After skiing, I played on the PS4 until I had to go to sleep.

On the way back to Richmond Hill we stopped in Ottawa for lunch at this Vietnamese restaurant. I had BBQ chicken with rice which was really good. Then we stopped at another restaurant for dinner and then went home.