The Forest

A few weeks ago I bought a game called The Forest. The game has been around for a while now and it’s a survival/horror game which can be played either as singleplayer or multiplayer.

The game follows a story of the main character (the player) named Eric LeBlanc who is on a flight with his son Timmy. The plane that they were on crash lands on a deserted island and when Eric is in a stunned state because of a crash a mysterious man covered in red paint takes his son Timmy. Eric is the only survivor of the crash besides Timmy and playing as Eric, you have to survive on the island and find Timmy. The island is filled with different clues and items that can help you find Timmy. However, on the island, there are strange humanoid-like creatures called cannibals that can be found in their villages scattered around the island or in caves. At first, they won’t attack you unless you provoke the first. Later on, as you destroy more the environment for resources like trees they will begin to attack you. There are also strange mutants that look like disfigured monsters and they come in different variants. Both the cannibals and mutants have different behaviors and are, for the most part, the main antagonists of the game.

I got the game after a few friends of mine already had it and we were able to play multiplayer together. For the first few weeks I only played multiplayer, but I soon tried singleplayer. I found that it was definitely more enjoyable to play with friends. At least for me, I more confident in exploring knowing that someone has my back if something unexpected happens. After all, The Forest is a horror game.

In both single and multiplayer you do have to save at a tent or house that you may have made or found around the island or in caves. However, even though you save, if you somehow die then you will lose all of your items and have to start at the beginning all the way from the plane crash. This was an issue my friends and I had because we were coming out of a cave and it was the night. During the night the cannibals are a lot more active, and can easily spot light sources such as fire which is essential for being able to see things in the dark. We ended up emerging from a cave exit right into the largest cannibal village in the game. Instead of running away back into the cave we decided to fight our way back to our base, but that didn’t go too well. Only a few of us managed to escape without dying, but it wasn’t that bad of a loss. The same sort of situation happened to us in another cave exploration when all but one of us got lost in a huge cave system, and we pretty much lost all of our items. Since then, we haven’t played the game again since nobody really wants to start back from the beginning.

Overall I think The Forest is a really fun game with friends and if you’re into survival games and don’t mind a little bit of horror then I would recommend it to you. My only problem is having to start all the way back from the beginning if you die, and that you can’t really save wherever you want.

New Kitten

Last week I mentioned how a few weeks ago my family and I got a kitten before the New Years and now I’m going to share what I think about the cat. The type of cat we got is a Balinese cat which is supposed to be a¬†hypoallergenic type of cat. We had to get a hypoallergenic cat because our dad is allergic to most animal fur.

The idea to get a cat was my mom and brothers idea since they both really like cats, while my dad and I weren’t so fond of the idea of having a cat around the house. My main worries were the cat going into my room when I’m not inside, unplugging cables, or distracting me when I’m playing games. So far I haven’t had to worry too much about the cat going into my room because she doesn’t seem to stay in there for too long if nobody’s inside. However, a few weeks ago she unplugged a cable from behind our TV in the basement causing the internet to go out. Since then it hasn’t happened a second time but it hasn’t even been a month yet. As for my last concern, she’s not too distracting when I play games, but it feels weird¬†having something brush against my legs as I play. After a while though, I’ve had another concern which is that our cat really likes to jump onto tables and chairs. When I first started to notice, she just liked to jump on chairs when nobody’s sitting on them to get onto the tables. Now though, she even jumps on anyone that’s sitting on a chair just to get onto a table. Especially when we eat dinner it’s really annoying, so now I just try to eat a bit quicker before she tries to jump on me. Sometimes I can guess when she is about to jump and move my chair a bit farther away and it works, but other times I’m not paying attention and she just jumps anyway.

So far, it hasn’t been too bad but then again it’s only been three or four weeks, so there’s still plenty of other things that can happen.

Montreal Trip

A few weeks ago over the holidays, my family and I went over to Montreal to visit some family that lives there. We usually do this every year and have a Christmas dinner with a lot of people. This year, we stayed for only three nights compared to the other years where we usually stay for longer. The reason why we didn’t stay that long, was that we were going to get a kitten before new years, so we had to go back to make it in time. I might make another blog about the cat, but I haven’t decided yet. On the first night we got there, there weren’t too many people at the house we were staying at, but there were still quite a bit of people there. The same Uncle’s that had the Sony PlayStation VR headset from last year also had three Nintendo Switches, so a few people including myself were able to play six player MarioKart.

We didn’t have anything for special for dinner, but we stayed up late playing MarioKart until people started leaving. The next day was the night of the big Christmas dinner we have every year. Until dinner, I mostly watched YouTube or anime until dinner. As usual, the food was really good and there were a lot of people there. It was most likely the highlight of the trip besides being able to try the Nintendo Switch. For the rest of the days we were there we didn’t do much else besides playing video games and watching videos. We didn’t even go outside since it was pretty cold at the time.

When we eventually went back there was a lot of snow on our driveway that took a while to get rid of, but eventually, we were able to go back inside. We didn’t have anything planned for dinner, so we just had some leftovers from when we had a Christmas dinner at our own house. Overall, I had a lot of fun in Montreal being able to have good food and play games all day.