Counter Strike: GO Shattered Web

By the end of this month, CS:GO’s operation Shattered Web will end. I ended up not writing about it when it was first announced because I hadn’t really been playing the game too much at the time. However, operation Shattered Web has been the first operation the game has had in almost three years. This week, I’ll be writing about my thoughts on the operation.

Operations in CS:GO don’t really show up too often, and the last one that took place was operation Hydra which was a couple of years ago. A lot of the times when new operations are announced players are really excited because operations are kind of like special events containing different missions. While you can still play the game in the normal modes, operations usually add special missions with a different style of gameplay. Additionally, there are side missions to complete in the normal game modes that help you earn certain rewards.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really end up playing too much throughout the duration of the operation, but I’ve heard that for this operation there was a battle pass that was introduced. Much like battle royale games like Fortnite, the more you play the operation the more rewards you can get. You were able to pay money in order to get an enhanced battle pass with more rewards, and you could also speed up your progress in the pass if you wanted too.

The battle pass allowed for the introduction of new cosmetic items such as player model skins. At first, there were lots of videos of YouTube showcasing how the skins could be used to gain a competitive advantage, but as of late I think that the developers have taken measures to keep the game fair to other players. To go along with the player model skins, patches to put onto character models were added which are basically stickers for your character models. The patches seem really similar to the stickers you can put onto your weapons, and to me, it seems kind of unnecessary. However, the game has gone free to play, so I guess it kind of makes sense to add more purchasable items in the game.

I’ve started playing a bit more in the past few weeks, but not enough to really care too much about the operation. However, other people have been saying that it’s been really fun and how the quality of operations keeps improving. I think that’s true especially since a lot of new features have been added between the last two operations.

Overall, operation Shattered Web is coming to close, and a lot of new content was brought in for the months that it’s been active. I still won’t be worrying too much about completing the many remaining missions I have, but more of my friends have started playing the game. Now I pretty much play to have fun on the weekends with my friends.

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