CS:GO New Operation

This week I will be writing about CS: GO a game I blogged about before. Recently, there was a new update added to the game which was a new operation. An operation in CS: GO is when a certain event is added to the game with new maps or game settings are added, new objectives, an operation pass, an operation coin, and a few other things are added. The new operation, “Operation Hydra” is the first operation in around a year.

This operation brought back some of the old maps, but this operation is supposedly one of the best operations in the game. Instead of just new maps, missions, passes, and things like that the operation has a few new game modes. There are now things called “WarGames” where they have introduced some popular community-created mini games into the main game. A few of these new game mode involves headshot only deathmatch, flying scoutsman where you can only use a sniper rifle and your knife, Stab Stab Zap where you only have grenades, knives, and a rechargeable taser, a heavy armor casual game mode and a few more different ones.

I have yet to play any of these new game modes, but most of them look like a lot of fun. They even added a completely separate ranking system for the operation which they have never done in the past. The operation ends in the month of September so I should have plenty of time to experience the new game modes.

Track and Field

This week our school had this year’s Track and Field week. Usually, our school would have Track and Field in just one or two days if some students didn’t do an event. For some reason though, our teachers decided to make the day into different days. Since I only participated in the Grade 6 boys events, I will only be writing about those events because I don’t know too much to write about any other ones.

On Monday, we did the 800m race. Normally, the teachers would split us up into heats of six, but since the race was so long they put us in one race. The winner of the race was one of my friends Aheev and I came in second, but since Aheev beat me last year I wasn’t surprised. We didn’t do any other events that day, but on Tuesday we did Shot put where we threw a metal ball in a certain way. I was surprised that I got first since I’m not very strong in the first place and I’m not very good at throwing things.

Wednesday was supposed to be one of the days we did the most events, but just like the past two days we only did one event which was the 200m race. It was also very hot that day compared to the past two days. This time, they split us into heats and although I got first in my heat I’m pretty sure I got second or third. Instead of Aheev winning though, another one of my friends Marcus won. That’s because Aheev hurt is foot while playing soccer on Tuesday.

The final day of Track and Field for us was Thursday where we did Running Long Jump, Standing Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100m, and 400m. For all of the jumping events, I did pretty well getting second for Running Long and Triple Jump. I got first for Standing Long Jump though, so I was happy about that. For the rest of the running events, I think I did alright although I only got sixth for the 100m since I usually do better. At the beginning of the 100m, I started getting a cramp since I drank a lot of water before the race and also my legs hurt from the past few days of running. For the 400m I’m not sure who got won since there were different heats and also nobody saw the times. I think I did okay though.

Overall I didn’t really like how they split up the different events on different days because the next day my legs would be sore and I have to run. Also, this year wasn’t too fun since some of the younger kids thought it would be funny to put sand, rocks, and other items into our water bottles. I was lucky enough to not get anything put into mine. Some people also started pouring water on each other but I made sure I didn’t get involved. This track and field was okay, but I would prefer next time that they don’t split the event into too many different days.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Recently I have been looking at some newer games specifically third person games. The reason for this is because I see my brother Jason playing a lot of third person shooter games that look like fun.

I have been looking at some games and I found a slightly new game that came out a few months ago. The game is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. I have another Tom Clancy game which is Rainbow Six Siege, but that game is a first person game. Ghost Recon is an open world shooter game with a lot of different objectives that you can complete. You can do many different things and I have heard that there is always something to do in the game so it doesn’t get boring.

I have seen some videos of people playing the game and the graphics look very nice. Although the game looks good, I hear that even if you have a very good PC it still might be hard to good frames per second. The game has a single player and co-op four player mode, but I think I’ll probably play mostly single player since I don’t have any friends that play it. Ghost Recon also has AI bots that you play with if you’re playing single player. This way, the game doesn’t become too difficult if you’re playing alone.

I will get the game and see if I like it. If I don’t then I will probably refund the game and get some other games. Also, I will get to see if I like third person games, so if I don’t like it I will remember that I don’t like those types of games when looking for new ones.

My Usual Breakfast

This week I’m going to blog about my usual breakfast since I have the same breakfast almost every day and I have nothing else to blog about.

Breakfast for me is pretty easy since I do it a lot. Normally I have two eggs, a slice of toast and sometimes some meatballs. First, I take out a small skillet, put it on the stove, put some oil on, and then turn on the heat to warm it up. Then, I take the toast from our toast box and put it in the toaster. After that, I take some meatballs from the freezer and place them on a plate then put them in the microwave for around a minute.

I then go back to the skillet and crack the eggs in. Most of the time I crack both in at once so that they’re connected. I wait for a few minutes and then flip them. A few moments after I flip the eggs the toast is usually done. I leave the eggs to cook some more and take the meatballs and plate out of the microwave. Then, I take the toast from the toaster and remove the eggs from the skillet.

After that, I put away the skillet and turn off the heat. Then, I just season the eggs with some pepper, get a fork, sit down and eat.