School Science Project

Today, Mr. Grey assigned my class a project for each group. Earlier a few weeks ago we researched on different ways of generating electricity. Each table group researched a different way of generating electricity. My group was to research on solar generating plants. The whole group researched a bunch of information and put it onto a piece of chart paper and into a concept map in a Google app called Mindomo.

A few days after that, Mr. Grey assigned us to type out an individual essay. The essay was on our knowledge of what benefits can be obtained using the particular way of generating electricity and the downsides of using that way of generating electricity. Since I did a lot of research with the group, I already had some information on the topic. I still had to research a little bit more on solar generating plants, but I ended up with a good amount of information on my essay.

Now Mr. Grey has assigned us our current project for this unit. The assignment was to either work together as the whole group, work alone, or split the group into pairs. My group decided to split into pairs for the project. I am working with my friend Jeffery who also did a lot of research on the project so I know he will also be able to contribute. The project is to create an accurate model of what the certain way to generate electricity would be like. According to Mr. Grey, he would like it to be functional but also safe because some ways of generating electricity involve burning of materials or other things.

We have just started on this project and are planning to meet up sometime to start the project over the weekend and do some things like planning out how we are going to do things.

Overall March Break

This week was the first week after March Break, so I am going to write this blog about what I did over the March Break. The first few days of March Break I was just relaxing and playing video games on the computer and having fun.

Later on, in the week I went to one of my friend’s birthday party. It was pretty fun since I got to see some of my friends there. After the party, I just talked to my friends a lot for a day or two and then went back to playing a lot of video games.

On the weekend before the end of March Break daddy decided we should go skiing which I did a blog on before. Overall I had a good March Break and had a lot of fun.

Thursday Ski Trip

Yesterday, Jason, Mommy, Daddy, and I went on a ski trip to Mt. St. Louis. We woke up at around 7:30 and had a small breakfast and then we drove for about an hour with our ski equipment to the ski resort.

When we got to the resort we went into the chalet and changed into our ski equipment. Then, we went outside and did a few green trails. Later on, we did a few black diamonds and then went inside for some food. We had some popcorn, milk chocolate covered almonds, and some onion rings. After, Jason and I went skiing alone for a while. We did ten runs and then went back inside. Then we packed up and went to eat lunch.

I had some fun skiing, but I would rather stay home playing video games. The mountain was small compared to some other mountains I’ve been to, so some of the trails were short.

School Skating Trip

Yesterday at school, we went on a field trip to the Tom Graham skating arena. The time we were allowed to skate for was two hours. We entered the school at the normal time and then at around 9:20 we started walking to Richmond Green where the rink was.

When we got there I put on my skates and helmet then proceeded to help one of my friends put his helmet on since he was having trouble. When we got on the ice at 10:15 I just skated around with my friends. After a while, my ankle got a bit sore so I took my skates off and put them back on. I didn’t tie my skates very tight after, but it was close to the end of the trip so I just dealt with it. When we all finished skating I put my stuff on my bag and then met up with my friends near the front so we could leave.

Overall I think the trip was okay. There were a lot of people there so it was kind of hard not to hit people that are skating in the other direction as you even if you are skating in the direction that the majority of people are skating in. If we went on this trip again on my own time I probably wouldn’t go, but if it was for a school trip then I would go since I can talk with my friends.

Dr. Strange Movie

Last night on March 2 Jason, Mommy, and I watched the new Dr. Strange movie at home.

Since Daddy wasn’t eating dinner with us, we decided to order pizza from Pizza Hut. We ordered a Meat Lovers pizza, a Hawaiian pizza, Jason made his own custom pizza, and we also ordered eight boneless wings.

The pizza arrived at around 6:10 PM and then Mommy gave us the idea to watch the Dr. Strange movie while eating. The pizza was good and so were the wings. The movie was alright but was hard to understand with all the different things going on at once and there were also a lot of characters.

I wouldn’t watch the movie again in my spare time but I would eat the pizza in my spare time if I could.