Kung Fu Noodle

Last weekend my family and I went to this noodle place in Markham called “Kung Fu Noodle”. It was a general noodle place so while we were eating we also compared it to another noodle place close by called “Magic Noodle”. The outside of the restaurant had a logo with Kung Fu Panda as a mascot so I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. Compared to the other noodle place the menu was smaller but it also had some side dishes to go along with the noodles. All of us got noodles, and we also got some side dishes as well. For me, the only thing that was better, in my opinion, were the noodles because the pork chop that came with my noodles wasn’t the best but it was still good. Most of the “meat” items on their menu were alright but the noodles were definitely better than Magic Noodles. However, I also noticed that it took us a while to even get the waitress’ attention even though we were some of the only people there, so that kind of effects the experience.

Overall, I think the place was alright but compared to other noodle places around the only thing that makes it stand out are the noodles. Most of their other items to me aren’t as good as other places. If I had to choose between going to Kung Fu Noodle and Magic Noodle I would choose to go to Magic Noodle because although the noodles aren’t as good the other items are better and it’s also closer than Kung Fu Noodle which is in Markham.


Okotte Ramen

Last week my family and I went to a nearby ramen place that my mom had tried out with her friend a few days earlier. Since we usually have been going to the same ramen place for a while, we thought we could try out this new place together. The main reason why we wanted to try out Okotte Ramen was because if you order a bowl of ramen you could also get a cup of bubble tea for a reduced price. When we went there it just opened and there were already a few people inside. The menus there worked differently than most restaurants where you tell your order to the waiter or waitress because instead, they give you a piece of paper for each person where you can decide how you would like to customize your bowl of ramen. On the same piece of paper, you could also order your bubble tea if you would like. My mom, brother, and I all got the same drink, but my dad got a different one.

When our food came we all tried the soup that we each ordered. I decided to order the curry soup and it was really good. The rest of the ramen was also really good including the bubble tea. I think that Okotte Ramen is better than the other place we used to go to. However, I haven’t tried Okotte’s curry rice which I saw they had because at the other place they had really good curry rice. Depending on how good it is I might change my opinion on the two because the other place also had good ramen too.

Overall I think Okotte was good and I would definitely go back for the bubble tea and ramen.

New CSGO Map Remake

Recently Valve (The company that develops CSGO) has announced that they were updating one of the maps in the game. The map they are changing is Dust II which is the most played map in the game. The map has stayed the same ever since I got the game almost three years ago. Now, they’ve decided to change the map completely. Dust II was a very popular map with very basic graphics and very easy to play with a simple layout. After the change, Valve has changed the graphics so the map will run slower on some computers but thankfully they didn’t change the layout.

Dust II was my most played map and probably for some other players too. When I heard that they were remaking the map I was kind of sad. At first, I was just thinking about all the good times I’d had on the map and how it will never look the same again. After a few days however, I realized that not only will all the good memories and looks will change, but also none of the previous smokes and flashes that were very useful will work on the new map. The smokes and flashes on Dust II were very important and greatly improved your chances of winning a match if you knew how to use them. Unfortunately now, I’ll have to spend time practicing and remembering new smokes and flashes on the map. I have looked at some photos of the new map and have noticed that although some parts haven’t changed much in terms of playability I have noticed some parts have. One of the parts was a tunnel that led to a key area of the map that was made thinner which means it will be harder to enter the area because enemies can just throw grenades into the tunnel and kill you.

I am not very happy at the moment about the new remake of the map and not many of my friends are either. I don’t like the graphics and it’s like learning how to play the game all over again. A few of my friends and I are planning to play only the old Dust II for a few days until the new remake is officially released into the game.

New Kitten

In the past few months, my mom and brother have been thinking of getting a kitten. The problem was that our dad is allergic to most animal furs, but recently my mom has done some research and found a type of cat that doesn’t shed much. A few months ago we visited some cat breeders to see if our dad was allergic or not, but it seems like they kittens didn’t affect him too much. Since then, we were put on a waiting list for a kitten and last week we were able to confirm that we are getting a kitten in early December. The type of cat we are getting are Balinese cats which have generally short fur and don’t shed much.

Since we know that we’re getting a kitten now we started thinking about who will be taking care of the cat which is my mom and brother. We also discussed where the cat will be allowed to go inside the house which doesn’t really affect me as long as the cat doesn’t go in my room or bother me too much. After a while, we started discussing names for the cat which has taken a while and we’re still not too sure on what we’re going to name the cat but we were thinking about names like Cookie, Cream, Whiskers, and some other names. I’m still not sure what we’re going to name the cat though.

Overall, I’m okay with having the cat around as long it generally doesn’t bother me too much, but my mom and brother are going to take care of the cat most of the time so I don’t think I have too much to worry about as far as taking care of the cat goes.