Minecraft Survival

For the past couple of days, I’ve been playing Minecraft on a survival server one of my friends started. Minecraft is a game I’ve had for almost six years, but it’s still fun to play. I’ll be writing about what I’ve done on the new server and why I still think Minecraft is fun.

So the server that I’m playing on is completely survival with no plug-ins. I started on the server a bit earlier than the rest of my friends, but I wasn’t the first. For the first day, I just went mining to gather resources and set up a few chests and furnaces to put all my stuff. Once almost everyone got on the server we had around seven of us just talking and doing random things like farming and going to the Nether.

Since I was one of the first people on that actually gathered resources, most of us gathered and built around the first chests I made from the first day. The day after I decided to build a few projects, so I took some resources from the chests. I moved a little further away and built a house first so I had somewhere to safely stand AFK (Away From Keyboard) and put my items. The next thing I worked on was making a cow farm since I wanted to be able to get leather for books to enchant. It was a simple fenced-in area just so I could keep them all in the same spot. Next to it, I also made a small wheat farm so I could breed the cows.

The first big project I made was an automatic experience farm, so I could easily get levels. I didn’t want to make a mob farm, and I’d seen some videos of experience farms that used cactus and bamboo. I used EagleEye621’s farm design and it took a while for me to get it working, but it works pretty well for not having to do anything after building it. After obtaining a way to efficiently get levels I wanted to make bookshelves for my enchantment table to get better tools and armor. For me, this has always been one of the most difficult stages in Minecraft survival because you need a lot of leather to make the books for the bookshelves. In order to get level 30 enchantments, you need to have at least 15 bookshelves which are 45 books, and after that, I needed more books to actually enchant.

I divide Minecraft survival into separate sections; mining, building a base, enchanting gear, defeat the Ender Dragon, and then doing whatever you want. For some reason whenever I play on a new survival world, defeating the Ender Dragon is one of the things I want to do. You don’t have to but I prefer spending a lot of time enchanting my gear. Not only to become really strong, but also to show off to the other people on the server. Currently, I’m still enchanting most of my gear, but I also built an AFK fishing farm to see if I can catch some good enchanted books. It takes a lot of time, but each time I finally finish a piece of gear I feel accomplished.

In my opinion, Minecraft survival can be fun in many different ways. Because even though there are some things you do the same every time, you can also do things a new way. For example, playing with or without plug-ins or making different types of farms. Especially after you have all the resources and gear you want; you can just have fun building things with your friends or testing new things out. Each time you create play on a new world you make a new base, with different things in it, and with different goals in mind.

Overall, even if Minecraft is an old game if you’re feeling bored, you can always make a new world and try something new. I think that in a sandbox type game like Minecraft you can always have some sort of fun even if you’ve been playing for a long time.

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