More Logic Pro Features

The song that my music teacher and I have been working on for a while is almost completed, and last Wednesday he taught me few more features in Logic Pro X that I didn’t know about before.

One of the first things he showed me wasn’t really a Logic Pro exclusive feature, but more of song creation in general. It was the way you panned your different instruments. Panning is determining how far to the left or right you hear a certain instrument from. While you want to keep certain things like the main melody and drums in the middle, you should balance your other instruments by frequency. We panned our string quartet so that the cello and first violin are on one side and the second violin and viola are on the other.

Another technique he showed me was reversing the audio of an acoustic piano to make it sound more synthetic. We’re using it the help with the transitions of certain sections, and it sounds pretty good. Supposedly, it works in quite a few different scenarios, and it’s a good thing to know.

The last thing he showed me on Wednesday was making a processing track. By sending all of our instruments to the processing track, we can add certain effects all at once from the processing track. It also makes it a lot easier to change the volume of the song itself.

Again, I learned a few more tips and techniques to help me in music production, and next time he’s supposed to teach me about using a compressor which is pretty complicated. However, our song should still be completed fairly soon.

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