Auntie Laura’s Wedding

Last Easter weekend my family and I went to Montreal for my Auntie’s wedding. We started to drive to Montreal on the Good Friday morning and got to the place we were staying at around noon. The day after we arrived we went to the wedding.

When we went to the wedding there was a room where you could get drinks from and lounge around until it was time for dinner. When it was time for dinner the meals were kind of messed up since some people got different dishes and some people got their meals after others. The first part of dinner was alright and then mommy told us that we had to go to the photo booth in the corner to get pictures taken. After the pictures, I came back to where I was sitting and the chair that I was using was gone. Since I didn’t know who had the chair I was using, I didn’t know who to ask for the chair back. Eventually, I got a different chair and also my main course which was supposed to come ten minutes earlier. Although that happened, it was made up for because of the dessert. There was a large dessert table with a lot of different things like cookies, tiny mousse cakes, and even some McDonalds.

Overall the experience was okay, but I would most likely go to another one since it is a family trip and we usually travel as a family together. That would mean I would also have to come.

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